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A trip to Disneyland or Disney World is a life-altering experience for many; people always remember the feeling of nostalgia and awe that comes with every visit. While documenting these memories with pictures is as important as making them—something all parents may not agree with—having little trinkets and souvenirs serves as great memorabilia too! 

Disney Stores across both locations have a plethora of themed items, from kitchenware to apparel. The feeling when you enter a Disney Store is akin to how a child must feel entering a candy store. Relics of your childhood are strewn across the store, in all shapes and sizes. It may be difficult to choose exactly what to get and most items, unfortunately, end up remaining unused, lying in the back of your drawer for years before you even remember you bought them. Here are the 10 must-have merchandise items you should go for:

Mickey Ears

What’s a trip to Disney without wearing the iconic Mickey or Minnie ears and taking pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle? These come in all colors, characters, and styles—they are also customized according to special occasions like with graduation caps. According to your preference, you can opt for a headband style or a hat style.


Disney pins can be purchased on-site or online, but they are a staple merchandise item that you can use in so many ways after your trip too. The pins come in a variety of options, with hundreds to choose from!

Not only are they a great souvenir, they also double as a way to stay entertained when you’re in Disney. Look for a Cast Member with a collection of pins and trade the ones you have with ones that feature your favorite characters or style; with so many options, the possibilities are endless!

Pressed Pennies

While these aren’t exactly items for sale at the Disney Store, they serve as great collectibles. Pressed pennies are probably the cheapest souvenir option you can get and are a great way to do a scavenger hunt on-site as you look for the different machines and different designs they all offer.


Now that we’re on the subject of things that you aren’t, technically, buying from the Disney Store, we might as well talk about this amazing experience too. Main Street USA has operational mailboxes that you can use to send mail to yourself; the part that makes this whole experience even more fun is that Disney has its own stamp that you can use.

Once you purchase your postcard and postage stamp, and send the mail to your home address, get ready to come home to an interesting relic from your trip waiting for you.


Purchasing jewelry always serves as a good keepsake from a trip since it’s something you can always wear or have on you; you can get necklaces, earrings, charms, and other accessories that you can continue to wear when you come back home.

Resort Merchandise

Not only is staying in the Disney Resorts on-site a wonderful experience in itself, you can also purchase merchandise that’s specific to it. Get a mug, glass, shirts, pins, or hoodies to remember your magical stay from the Resort you stayed at.

Anniversary merchandise

With Disneyland entertaining families for the past 64 years and Disneyworld being the happiest place in the world for 54 years now, there have been a number of anniversary merchandise collections. These are great items to collect because they come around after such a long time and are an interesting take on classic designs—take Disney nostalgia to another level with anniversary merchandise that you can wear around after your trip!

Plush and stuffed animals

No matter how old you are, a good stuffed animal is a must-have—especially if it’s your favorite character or animal. These are always good to keep around and will double as a room decoration and  for a good snuggle while you nap.

Disney tech

Good merchandise is one that you can continue to use long after you’re back. Cell phone cases and computer covers are available in a variety of patterns and designs, depending on how Disney you want your devices to look.

Disney books

Disney’s books are a great addition to a book collection, with the art and stories of the classic stories that have shaped so many lives. While you may not get much use out of them, they’re great to keep in a bookshelf or for your kids to read.

Now that you know which merchandise to snag up, all you need to do is start booking your trip. We, Five Star Private VIP Tours, can help make the process even easier for you. Book our private VIP Disney tours and enjoy the smoothest experience, with the shortest possible waiting times and the guarantee that you won’t miss any of the must-see attractions!

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