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This year is Epcot’s 25th annual Flower & Garden Festival – a world-renowned event celebrating spring, fun, food, and music! This party is enjoyable for people of all ages and you are guaranteed a fabulous time. If you’re itching for a trip to Disney, pack your bags before you miss out on this year’s Flower & Garden Festival.

Here’s why you can’t miss it:

Foodie’s Heaven

If you love everything food and flavor, this is surely a festival you can’t skip out on. There are outdoor kitchens on every corner presenting you with spring’s brightest and freshest flavors. Try food from around the world – Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Caribbean and much more! Get your mouth watering by taking a look at the featured food.


Topiaries One of the most beautiful aspects of Disney is its notorious Disney-themed topiaries. These intricate plant-sculptures are more stunning than you can imagine. The amount of work that goes into these projects is unbelievable. To create each of the Disney Character Topiaries, it takes years of planning and about 1,000 plants. The kids love to take pictures with the characters and will appreciate the beauty just as much as you. This is one spring feature of Epcot you have to see for yourself!


Music To Your Ears

Music is one of the most magical showcases at Disney’s festivals. During this year’s Flower & Garden Festival, their Garden Rocks TM  Concert Series will focus on rock classics with stunning waterfront views. The 2018 lineup includes bands like Foghat, Simple Plan, Survivor, Rick Springfield and so many more! If you really don’t want to miss the music, you can book a few Garden Rocks Dining Packages and lock in your seating.

Interactive Gardens


2018-Why-You-Can't-Miss-Epcot%u2019s-Flower-Garden-Festival Throughout Epcot, there will be interactive gardens and playgrounds for your little ones. One of the new gems added to the festival this year will be an Imagination Play maze and sensory garden. If you and your kids love the Cars movies, there will also be a new Cars themed garden for the kids to play in while you relax. The hands-on Harmony Gardens musical playground features Disney’s Fab Five topiaries – Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck. Kids create their own sound with the Fab Five band using the playground’s interactive drums, chimes and, xylophones.

Flower & Garden Tours

Those of you who are fascinated by horticulture and the beauty of plants will really appreciate the Gardens of The World tour. This is by far the most in-depth and popular tour during the festival. You will learn all about the award-winning topiaries, how to apply Disney’s gardening techniques to your garden, and explore several plant materials and techniques that will enhance your landscaping theme at home.

The Flower & Garden Festival is a highly anticipated event for Disney goers. If you have never been before, this is your chance to experience all things magical during this beautiful blooming season. Be sure to book your trip with Five Star Private VIP Tours to make the absolute most of your visit to the 2018 Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival.

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