millenium-falcon disney star wars land

Star Wars Land: Opening Soon in Disney Parks!

myfivestartours Jun 15, 2019 Blog 0

Know what makes Disney amazing? It’s the childhood fun it delivers. It’s a place grownups visit to enjoy their childhood icons. And those range from movie characters, to our favorite cartoons. But cartoons aside – how about something less cartoonish? How about a childhood remnant that’s not necessarily animated?   How About Star Wars in […]

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Marvel Disney

Does Disney Own Marvel?

myfivestartours Jun 14, 2019 Blog 0

Yes it does. This may come as shocking news to many. The reason is, many people don’t associate Disney with Marvel. They usually separate both. One is a superhero world (Marvel), and another is a fantasy fairytale land (Disney). But the reality is, Disney and Marvel have merged recently. And this signals many upcoming changes […]

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Picture10 770x450 - Hottest Tourist Spots to Explore with your BFF in California

Hottest Tourist Spots to Explore with your BFF in California

ADMIN Jun 13, 2019 Blog 0

Your bestie and you are finally getting some downtime and hitting the West coast for the summer. But you’re not sure where you want to head to. Well, no trip to Cali is complete without going to Disneyland Anaheim. Pamper yourselves and book a private VIP tour of Disney, stay at the Grand Californian Hotel and […]

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disney on ice

Disney on Ice – Coming to Dallas This Year!

myfivestartours Jun 13, 2019 Blog 0

Disney on Ice has been a decade’s old trend. It stretches as far back as the 1980s.  And it’s a magical show that repeats every year, multiple times, and in many states. Texas isn’t an exception to “Disney on Ice” shows. In fact, expect this year’s show to dazzle!   Why? A recent Disney blockbuster […]

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