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myfivestartours Aug 30, 2019 Blog 0

Disney is beloved by children and adult alike, with its magical characters and intriguing stories. It forms an integral part of kids’ lives, especially their glistening childhood years in which indulge in the flying dragons and princesses with hair long enough to climb, the gleam in their eyes speaking for itself. This is why trips […]

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Top 7 Adventures For Teens In Disney

webserviceusa90 Aug 29, 2019 Blog 0

Its summer, and your kids are probably at home with their faces buried in their smartphones, laptops, or videogames. But did you know that using devices with bright screens too much can increase the risk of brain cancer in kids? So switch the Wi-Fi off and think of another way to keep your teenagers indulged this […]

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The Goddess of Spring

myfivestartours Aug 28, 2019 Blog 0

Disney has made one of the best-animated characters that have got a lot of audiences and a huge fan base. These fans are always eager to know more about their favorite characters. Among the many remarkable and beautiful characters created, one of them is Persephone, also known as The Goddess of Spring. Though Persephone didn’t […]

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Ride to the Skies Above Disney

myfivestartours Aug 27, 2019 Blog 0

Disney world is one of the most visited spots in the World. Established in several countries, it attracts a large number of people that are mostly lovers of animated fictional Walt Disney films. You will be surprised to know that recently Disney announced the inauguration of the Walt Disney Skyliner, which is a gondola system […]

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Resorts and Hotels at Disney

myfivestartours Aug 25, 2019 Blog 0

Planning a trip to Disney World, Florida isn’t an easy task. There are numerous numbers of hotels and resorts to stay with different budgets and facilities. Each has its unique structures with colorful designs and different character depictions as well. The places can range for being made for character obsessed children as well as adults […]

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disney genie

Disney’s Genie of the Lamp

myfivestartours Aug 24, 2019 Blog 0

When the question comes to children’s one of the most loveable fictional characters, Genie of the lamp is one of the most favorites of all. The character has appeared in more than one, in fact, three of Walt Disney’s animated feature films. The three films comprise of Aladdin, Return of Jafar, and Aladdin the King […]

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Top 5 Disney Books of All Time

myfivestartours Aug 23, 2019 Blog 0

There is a wide collection of Disney books for Disney lovers. Almost everyone is a fan of Disney, and there is no specific age to be a Disney lover. This article highlights the top Disney books of all time. 1.    Dream it! Do it! My half-century creating Disney’s magic kingdom Dream it! Do it is written […]

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Experience Disney Bolt In A Completely New Way!

myfivestartours Aug 21, 2019 Blog 0

We are all familiar with the beloved Disney Bolt. We can all agree that everything Disney related has the ability to wow us in any capacity. We are talking about both kids and adults alike. This is because a bulk of young adults today has grown up with Disney Classics such as The Lion King […]

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The Top Rated Disney Birds Of All Time

myfivestartours Aug 20, 2019 Blog 0

Disney began a new era in the lives of people. Thousands of characters were made, and hundreds of stories were filmed. While most of the films are animated but as of recently real version of a lot of animated films have been made. Disney has always had the unique way of portraying characters and making […]

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