The Story of Walt’s Disney’s Peter Pan

myfivestartours Jan 30, 2020 Blog 0

The history of peter pan is something that most people don’t know about. If you ask people about peter pan, the answer you are going to get is that peter pan is an animated movie that was developed by Walt Disney. But most people don’t know is that the history of peter pan goes as […]

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The Best from the Archives of the Disney Vaults

myfivestartours Jan 27, 2020 Blog 0

Contrary to popular belief, Disney does not have its vault, although arguments can be made on the topic that if they have a vault or not, this is not the topic of the article. Disney vault was a term that was used by Walt Disney themselves for a policy they had regarding the selling and […]

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disney pet

The Best Disney Inspired Pet Names We Can Think Of

myfivestartours Jan 23, 2020 Blog 0

Let’s face it, Disney has been around for more than 96 years and they had their fair share of influences on us when we were growing up. Although Disney is not an Instagram model, but it has a lot of influence on our lives. For some, Disney is a lifestyle and everything they do in […]

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Star Wars

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Disney Plus

myfivestartours Jan 16, 2020 Blog 0

Media streaming services have gained a lot of users around the world and Netflix is currently the best streaming service you can use today, but recently we have seen a new competitor in the market. Disney studios have launched a new streaming service of their own by the name of Disney Plus and it is […]

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disney Cinderella Castle

4 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Castle

myfivestartours Jan 13, 2020 Blog 0

Disney castle is the iconic castle that is on the logo of the Walt Disney animation before every movie. But the castle is not only available in animation, but Disney has also made an identical replica of the Disney castle at the Disneyland magic kingdom park. It is a real-size castle where people can stay […]

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