What to Wear For the Perfect Helicopter Ride

What to Wear For the Perfect Helicopter Ride?

myfivestartours May 25, 2020 Blog 0

So you have just decided and booked your first helicopter ride, well good for you because you are going to have an amazing time. Well now you are overwhelmed with excitement about your trip and the first thing that comes into most people’s minds is what they are going to wear on their trip. Well, […]

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Is it cold in a helicopter

Is It Cold In A Helicopter?

myfivestartours May 21, 2020 Blog 0

Helicopter rides are a magical experience that lets you know what it is like to be an eagle soaring above the clouds without being able to fly like a superhero. Helicopters are an amazing piece of engineering and they bring you up and close to some of the most amazing experiences a person can have […]

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Hot Air Balloon Orlando Disney

Hot Air Balloon Orlando Disney

myfivestartours May 18, 2020 Blog 0

Before the invention of the helicopter or the airplane, hot air balloons were the only way of air travel in the world, and they provided a view of the world that had never been seen before, they had a very specific way of traveling and they depended more on the airspeed than anything else. And […]

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Disney Pocahontas

Disney Pocahontas: A Love Unlike Any Other

myfivestartours May 14, 2020 Blog 0

If you were born before 1995 you might have watched a Disney animated movie called Pocahontas. The movie revolved around a Native American girl called Pocahontas, who lives with her family, her father was the chief of a small village and when Capt. John smith who travels to the new world to settle and begin […]

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How much does it cost to travel to Orlando

How Costly Is It To Travel To Orlando?

myfivestartours May 07, 2020 Blog 0

Planning a perfect family vacation to Orlando city? As a matter of fact don’t be surprised by the price tag you see. Orlando is a place full with pricey themed parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios or Gatorland. So to help you with your budget management we researched every characteristic of such trip. Which […]

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Gatorland – A Home For All Alligators

myfivestartours May 04, 2020 Blog 0

One-of-a-kind experience and a must visit place near Hungers Creek south of Orlando is Gatorland. Where you can spend your whole day with family watching different species of alligators in different sizes and at the end of the day returning home full of alligator knowledge and relishing memories.  Gatorland has been around since 1949. Owen […]

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