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Are you desperately craving to lose yourself in nature?

Do you want to experience the thrill of getting up-close and personal to the magical kingdom of the sea? Then, the Sea World at Disney World has got you covered!  From one-of-a-kind aquatic animals show to adrenaline buzzing water rides, Sea World Orlando’s truly the place to be for all aquatic lovers.

Wondering how to make the most of your time at the jewel-toned paradise? Let’s take a look!

Arrive Early

Sea World Orlando, one of Disney World’s major themes parks, is the hottest attraction among tourists and locals alike. From marine life themed attractions to animal shows, this place is a must-see if you’re touring Disney World! You won’t be surprised to see throngs of people flocking to this one-of-a-kind theme park during your visit.

To help make the most of your time at Sea World, make sure you arrive early. So instead of reaching the theme park around high-traffic periods i.e. noon or midday, get there when the park opens. This will help cut down on the wait times to visit some of the hottest rides in the park like Infinity Falls, Manta and Karen, and more. Availing this time will allow you to enjoy the place without the push and shove of the large crowds!

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

So you woke up today brimming with energy, for you can’t believe that today’s the day you get to experience the Sea World. You are packing your essentials for the highly anticipated trip of the year when you decide to ditch your water bottle at home. Because, come on—who wants to lug around a heavy bottle all day long?

Though an extremely tempting option, leaving your water bottle at homes will just waste your time. Think of it this way; you’ll be so parched after walking from attraction A to B that you’ll have to stop to buy water. This means instead of spending time watching the animal show, you’ll be busy trying to walk to the nearest snack store to grab a bottle. So save your time and some cash by bringing a water bottle from home.

Prepare Beforehand For The Water Rides

What’s a visit to the Sea World without getting your thrill on with the Journey To The Atlantis? A dramatic water ride with sharp drops and water elements, this ride gives you the first-hand experience of what it’s like to embark on a journey to the lost land of Atlantis.

But setting off for this wet adrenaline-inducing journey means you’ll end up getting drenched once the ride’s over. To maximize your time at the Sea World, skip the front seats of the ride and don a rain poncho. All of this will help keep you dry and free up time to visit more attractions at the theme park instead of wasting time changing into drier clothes.

How To Plan Your Disney Trip To The Jewel-hued Sea World

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