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Theme parks like Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando are a complex jumble of sub-themes for pretty much every fandom there is. Here you’ll find everything; from Harry Potter to Jurassic Park and even Marvel superheroes all meshed into one gigantic park.

The good thing is that you’ll probably be able to fit in all the cool attractions during a one day visit. But if you’re pressed for time, you can always hire a private VIP tour that’ll help you prioritize on all the best attractions that the Islands of Adventure have to offer.

Here are the four best attractions that nobody should miss!

1. Fast and Furious-Supercharged

This attraction arrived in Orlando last year and has been quite the buzz. The journey begins in a mysterious garage from where visitors will be whizzing past furious vehicles and actual props from the franchise itself. This ride is ideal for those that love a good adrenaline rush. The attraction is quite popular and there are some pretty long queues here, so we suggest you plan a VIP tour in advance to avoid any hassle.

2. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Okay, so this attraction hasn’t officially opened yet but this is one ride we’re super excited for!

Located near Hogwarts in the Hogsmeade section, fans can appreciate the latest addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that’s due to launch in June this year. Now Universal Orlando has been pretty tight-lipped about this attraction but they’ve promised there’s going to be plenty of daring adventure for visitors.

So far, we know that you’ll be touring the Harry Potter World on a motorbike, visiting magical and mysterious creatures along the way.

3. Jurassic Park River Adventure

This is one water ride you don’t want to miss! You’ll start off cruise-style touring through the jungle amid rogue dinosaurs until the boat “accidentally” steers off into the research lab and the ride culminates into a tense faceoff with a fuming T-Rex.

This old-school attraction is currently being revamped to make the animatronics look more realistic so you can get a little bit more freaked out at the possibility of being devoured by a dinosaur.

4. The Incredible Hulk

For the longest time, The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster has been a hugely popular ride at Universal Orlando. The attraction has only recently been refurbished and some think it’s more intense than ever before! Plus, there’s a new theme by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump that just adds to the whole ominous feel. You can expect long queues here too since this is a tourist hotspot. Who would skip Hulk on a visit to Universal Orlando!

We get it—nobody likes long queues! But if you’re looking for a quick fix to the madness and want to enjoy your time at Universal’s Islands of Adventure fully, give us a call at (407) 868-0857 or fill out our contact form. When you’ve got a VIP tour arranged with us, you can rest assured you’re going to experience all the best stuff at the theme park!

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