4 Perfect Piñata Ideas for Kids That Love Disney
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Piñata is the perfect game for every birthday that kids of any age are going to have. There is a variety of types of piñatas that are available in the market, what if make or order a piñata that can bring a smile to a face more than any other piñata can? What if you make a piñata based on Disney characters.

Disney Characters as piñatas are going to bring the joy of your kids to another level when you show it to them. So today we are going to be giving you a few ideas of what character you can use as a piñata and our top picks.

Disney Prince’s Piñatas

This is one of the more easy ones that you can make it yourself without any issues. All you have to do is pick the princess that your child likes the most. Pick their outfit colors, you can easily google them and find it, make a round piñata, and stick a half picture of the princess on top. Now you have a princess piñata ready. The mental image is that the gown of the princess will be the piñata portion and the upper portion will be the body.

Monster Theme Piñata

If you have a kid that adores monsters Inc., then this is the piñata for them, the good thing about these piñata is that even if you mess up the shape of the monster, still it will look good because the monsters were also not of a definite shape. All you have to do is make a piñata and color it properly because it is the only portion that we take seriously. Our pick is going to be a piñata of the character Mike Wazowski, the reason is that he has a round stomach and fairly skinny legs and arms, so we would be comfortable to run the program.

Lion King Themed Piñata

Lion King is a favorite movie for both kids and adults, so stores are certainly going to have piñatas of animals ready on stock. All you have to do is get a piñata that matches the character that matches your intended character and decorates it in such a way that it matches your favorite lion king character.

Frozen Themed Piñata

There is no doubt that frozen is on the mind of every kid right now and what better way to celebrate the kid’s birthday with their favorite character. You can use Elsa or Anna as your piñata but our suggestion is going to be Olaf. The reason being that it is a fairly easy shape to make and you can easily make one at your home without any special tools.

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