Disney on Ice
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Want to do a Disney costume play?

If yes, you’re at the right place.

Disney cosplays are some of the most creative. They’re not a common as “anime” or “video game” costumes.

And for that reason, they’re worth a try.



Do note that there are certain rules for effective costume playing.

Those rules really apply across the board. They apply for whatever fantasy character you want to imitate…

But they’ll help you a ton, whether you be attending a party, or going on a Disney tour!


Rule #1 – Pick a Character That Matches Your Form.

Make costumes an art.

Look for characters that resemble your form best in Disney movies/shows. Then shoot for a costume that imitates them.

An accurate imitation is one that always dazzles.

Basically, if you’re tall and super-skinny, pick characters that match. Or, if you’re blonde, pick a similarly blonde character to imitate.


Any Exceptions to This Rule?

Yes. You can always make “non-human characters” an exception.

If you want to dress like Mickey Mouse, then form doesn’t matter. The same applies if you want to be a Donald Duck, or a Chewbacca.

In fact, with “non-human” characters, there’s more room for error. Because now, there’s less focus on your natural looks, and there’s more focus on the costume quality!


Rule #2 – Find a Good Costume Store.

Disney Tours

Unless you’re stitching your costumes from scratch – we recommend looking for a store.

Costume stores (that sell quality) are plenty. You just need to find a store that’s reputable for quality outfits.

For assistance, you can always contact us for recommendations!


The Importance of a Good Costume.

There’s much to judge in a good costume, like fit, fabric, and color.

Plus, a good costume is one that lasts you a while. You want to use it more than once, and sell it in good condition.

From there, you can swap out and try other costumes!


Rule #3 – Make it a Group Activity.

Why try a Disney costume alone? Why not try it with family and friends?

The fun in costume wearing is in the group atmosphere. You get to compare each other’s costumes and representations.

Plus – it’s an excellent opportunity for good photography.


Creative Playtime for Adults & Children.

Costumes are a good way to have fun, regardless of age.

You can actually have a small family party with Disney costumes only. You can let your children dress up as their favorite movie icons!

It’s a good way to celebrate. And speaking of those…


Rule #4 – Wait till Celebration Time.

disney on ice

Why not make your costumes “holiday themed”?

For example, you can dress like Disney characters in a way that suits Halloween. Or, you can dress in a manner that suits 4th of July.

Pick a good holiday where you can spend time with loved ones – and start a nice costume party!


Need Inspiration? Why Not Get it on a Disney Tour?

For a boost of motivation, visit a Disney park.

It’s a trip you should do once in a lifetime. But such trips are unforgettable, and they’ll take you back to a world filled with fantasy.

For more information, contact us, and we’ll help you out!

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