5 Cute Outfit Ideas to Wear to Disney World
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Who doesn’t love a trip to Disney? Whether you’re off to Disneyland or Disney World this summer—both of which we can help you with—there’s one thing that’s certain: you’re going to want to look cute as heck and stay comfortable in the Cali and Florida heat!

Both places are gorgeous during the summer—and all year round, pretty much—but you can’t deny that even the loveliest places feel like an oven in the warm weather. So how do you look good, feel good and stay cool in Orlando’s sticky summer?

Here are ideas for wardrobe staples to take along with you when you’re off to Disney World, which is pretty huge, so you’ll be walking around a lot and stick around for a few days at least:

Wear to Disney World

Tops and dresses:

Let’s start with the most basic items anyone can use. Pack a tank top or two, in basic colors that you can dress up or down depending on your mood and a couple of basic tees as well. You can’t go wrong with a classic or black white t-shirt and the best part about such basic clothing is their ability to be mixed and matched with anything. Pack a few dressy shirts too, because you wouldn’t want to spend your entire trip in plain white tees—pun intended. Some cute, printed tops and dresses in breathable and soft fabric should be your go-to because it’ll get really hot when you’re out the whole day—booking a private VIP Disney tour with us means shorter wait times in lines, but it’s still good to be prepared.

5 Cute Outfit Ideas Bottoms:

Again, focus on staples like a pair or two of jeans that you can walk around in and pair with different shirts; or a couple of pairs of shorts, like basic denim cut-offs or cute printed shorts and skirts that you can walk around in and stay cool. Whatever you decide to do though, keep some roll-on deodorant or anti-chafing cream to prevent soreness from chafing, because you’ll be walking around a lot. We’ll show you around during the Disney tour, so you don’t have to worry too much about the amount of walking, but honestly that’s part of the Disney experience! 

Shoes and accessories:


Style is important, but comfort takes precedence when fun is the goal; invest in a comfortable but stylish pair of kicks, or DIY some nurse shoes to look cute. Grab some flip flops and sandals with strong straps and pack ‘em up for days that you’re chilling by the pool or hitting the water parks.

As for accessories, apart from the jewelry you might need, and the Mickey or Minnie ears you’ll buy (how can you not!?), make sure you have a backpack to keep spare clothes, sunscreen, a cap or hot and water bottles in.


This one’s short: don’t forget underwear, cover-ups and a jacket in case the weather changes or it rains. Keep socks, a purse and anything you think you might need, and you’re all set!

There’s not a lot that could go wrong when packing for a trip like this, just your basic summer wear. Focus on being comfortable and having fun!

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