5 Expensive snacks at Disney World
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Traveling to Disney World on a budget or like kings, feeling hungry while exploring is natural. For that purpose Disney has built various food spots around the Disney World where one can enjoy eating and viewing at the same time. While people are busy watching castle, characters, different rides and attractions you can get some of the delicious food offerings that they will serve. Without budgeting for snacks while on a trip to Disney World can get pricey, but the fact is that there are magical restaurants where you get to sit and eat or get snacks while you at it. Ranging from chilled drinks to Disney theme snack there are variety of options they offer which often don’t always come cheap. Here are the 5 most expensive snacks at Disney World.

1.    Jumbo Turkey Leg — $11.75

This turkey leg is more of an entire meal than a snack but because of their popularity in the Disney World they are considered as a snack. Disney reportedly sell around 1.8 million pounds of turkey legs each year. Even though it cost you $11.75 just for a leg which is expensive snack but it is good enough to fill you up as a meal of the day.

2.    Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots — $9.49

Here is another expensive snack that may seem like a snack but is a complete meal in itself. It can be easily split and enjoyed with your family members. It is located at The Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom. For some people it may seem a bit spicy and have blue cheese dressing and celery topped off.

3.    Colored Milk (Green/Blue) — $ 7.99

This colored milk is a brand new collection to drinks option at Disney World dedicated to Star Wars. It can be found at immersive area of Star Wars in Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge section. The place is filled with different Star Wars characters roaming around and get the chance of flying the Millenium Falcon.

4.    Night Blossom – $7.99

This drink is one of the newer snacks option introduced at Disney World, with those colors it sure has an eye catching looks. It can be found at Pongu Pongu inside Pandora section. It is one of the refreshing options to opt for after a busy day or exploring different attractions, having different frozen flavors mixed with pear and apple within the drink. It is topped off with passion fruit boba balls.

5.    Funnel Cake — $7.79

This is one of the most popular snack located at different locations inside the Disney World such as sleepy Hollow. This sugar filled goodness will keep you high on energy on your whole trip. It comes loaded with whipped cream and strawberries.

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