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Summertime in Orlando, Florida calls for sunshine, water, and sand. However, we Floridians have all been to the beach a million times. Try something different this season and take a spontaneous trip to Volcano Bay. Orlando’s newest water park has emerged right in the center of a volcanic jungle island.

Here are our top 5 things you should know before visiting Volcano Bay during your Orlando travels:

Water Theme Park

Volcano Bay isn’t your usual water park. Universal is claiming Volcano Bay as their very own water theme park. Just as all other Universal theme parks, Volcano Bay was designed with every little detail in mind, making the park functional and impressive.  

The island paradise was founded by local islanders, the Waturi. With the help of a mythical fish, the Waturi searched the ocean for the Kunuku. Once they came across Volcano Bay, they made this place their home. Adding in water slides to celebrate the abundance of water, the Waturi celebrated their new home in the midst of an island paradise.

Stay on Site

Much like other Universal theme parks, Volcano Bay is accessible from all Universal hotels. If you’re looking for easy access all day long, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is in walking distance of Universals aquatic park. Staying on site also guarantees early park admission, making the days longer and the kiddos happier. You can even enjoy the view of the beautiful Krakatau volcano from your hotel room!

Take Advantage of TapTu Pay

Lugging around credentials and a wallet during a day spent at Volcano Bay can be a hassle. The park offers secure lockers for all of its visitors, but enabling TapTu Pay is a much easier option. TapTu Pay is available on the TapuTapu wristlet given to every Volcano Bay guest. Before entering the park, set up your credit card and use the TapTu Pay feature for all of your food, drink, ad rental purchases. Cashless pay is the way to go to a waterpark, ensuring efficiency and prevents any lost valuables.

Virtual Line

Another awesome advantage of the TapuTapu bracelet is the virtual line feature. Enter a virtual line for any ride while enjoying the park at your leisure. Instead of standing in line, tap in at the attraction with your TapuTapu and you’re officially in the virtual line. Once you’re locked in, feel free to ride the Waturi Beach wave pool, enjoy lunch, or float around in the Kopiko Wal Winding River. When you’re in the front of the virtual line, your TapuTapu will alert you, leaving you with just a short wait time for rides!

Pro tip: if your TapuTapu alerts you that you’re in the front of the line, you may head back to the ride at you own leisure. If you’re in the middle of a drink or taking a lunch break, feel free to finish before rushing over.


There are many attractions and rides at Volcano Bay, but the four main slides are iconic.


  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster – This slide is the park signature ride and is the first of its kind in Florida. The slide sends a four-person canoe uphill through dark twists and turns within the volcano, ending with an epic splash through the waterfall.
  • Ko’kiri Body Plunge – The most thrilling ride of them all, this slide send you through a drop-down door that soars 125 feet down at a 70-degree angle.
  • Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides – Two drop doors send two guests down transparent, intertwining tubes, into an amazing pool below the volcano.
  • Punga Racers – Single riders take a trip down on mats down four lanes of underwater sea caves.


Volcano Bay also has a play area for toddlers and children, rivers for floating and lounging in, and a beach to sunbathe in. With so many choices, this is a must for a summer family vacation.

Volcano Bay Orlando is a fun-filled vacation spot for your family this summer! Spend your adventure on a VIP Private Tour at Universal Studios and Islands of adventure and hop on over to Volcano Bay for true summer fun! Book a private tour with Five Star Private VIP Tours for your next Orlando theme park destination!


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