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With over 150 shops, restaurants and retailers, Disney Springs is a magical vortex of wholesome entertainment for visitors of all age groups. Whether you’re traveling to this concrete slab of paradise at Walt Disney World Resort for the first time or returning with renewed enthusiasm for round 52 of Goofy’s Candy Company, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a savvy list of five things you must try at Disney Springs, Florida.

1. Cop The Star Wars Merchandise

With the upcoming launch of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge there’s no way you can miss out on the latest and coolest movie merch in Orlando. You can visit the Star Wars Galactic Outpost for some exclusive goodies from the galaxy of far, far away. Meanwhile, Marvel fans can also visit the Super Hero Headquarters to catch some exciting Avengers’ merchandise.

2. Hop Aboard the Amphicar

For those of you who are not quite sure what we’re talking about; an amphicar is a cross between a car and a boat that can travel on both, land and sea. When you visit Disney Springs, make sure you try out the amphicar tour which will give you a lovely trip across all of Disney Spring’s landmarks. The tour is quite the popular tourist attraction and queues might be long so it’s always safer to book your trip with a private VIP tour. Talk about no hassle at all!

3. Go On A Helium Balloon Ride

When it comes to stretching the imagination, you can trust Disney Springs to do its job right! Experience the glorious air space courtesy of Aerophile and reel in Orlando’s beautiful landscapes from the height of 400 feet. See if you can spot all the Disney Springs landmarks accurately from that ascent!

4. Meet World Famous Chefs

Orlando is a hub of celebrity-chef owned restaurants and there’s no better place to experience the rush than at Disney Springs. Check out Tony Mantuano’s Terralina Crafted Italian for some authentic Italian food or drop by at Guy Fieri’s Planet Hollywood. The burgers and sandwiches are sure to be a hit with the kids. Keep in mind that you might have to make some reservations beforehand if you’re visiting during peak season. Although, you won’t have to worry about waiting if you’ve signed up for a Disney VIP tour with us.

5. Jam To The House Of Blues

If you’re looking to soak yourself in a vibe of funk and pomp then head over to the House of Blues. A tasteful blend of culture, arts and music, the House of Blues is known for hosting world-renowned musicians and concert acts. Plus, if you’re visiting on a Sunday, you can enjoy some of the best comfort food—on an all-you-can-eat menu!

Disney Springs offers an eclectic blend of entertainment to its visitors but not everyone gets to enjoy their time at the complex fully. Maximize your time at Disney Springs and book a private VIP tour with us! From booking meal reservations to accessing the best show seats, we’ll make sure you have the time of your life. Call now at (407) 868-0857.

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