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Media streaming services have gained a lot of users around the world and Netflix is currently the best streaming service you can use today, but recently we have seen a new competitor in the market. Disney studios have launched a new streaming service of their own by the name of Disney Plus and it is a direct competitor to the current champion Netflix, Disney has a lot of tricks up their sleeves that they are using to gain a competitive advantage in the market. If you know a few things about Disney Plus there is a fair chance you don’t know these facts, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Disney Plus.


Disney’s Library

Disney as a company has been around since the early twentieth century and they have been making entertainment content since then, the main thing that set Disney Plus apart from the rest of the competitors in the market is the amount of data they have that they can upload to the service, currently, Disney Plus’s library is so vast that you can see the original Steamboat Willie from 1928 on Disney plus, and there is similar content there as well. Simply put Disney Plus has an unmatched library of content that they are going to upload to the service to gain a huge competitive advantage.


Disney Takes Request

Since Disney plus is fairly new and evolving as is grows, today there is an option you can use to provide feedback to Disney. This might not seem quite interesting to you but the main thing that sets Disney apart from the rest of the feedback forms is that there is a specific option in the feedback where you can request the movies that you want to see on the service, now obviously there is no telling that Disney will accept your request or not but the gesture is quite good.


Disney Specials

When you buy Blu-ray to watch a movie or something, companies and studio departments like to add extra scenes or deleted scenes in the Blu-ray so that their customers can enjoy a little behind the scenes. When you choose a movie in Disney plus, you will be able to find an extra folder, which will be filled with behind the scenes and bloopers that are in the movies. This gesture proves that Disney is going above and beyond to give their customers the best possible service.


Major Series Coming Next Year

As you know that Disney has just started its streaming services and it is looking up to be a good competitor for other streaming services especially if we consider the new series Disney has been developing for Disney Plus.

Disney plus Has Disney’s Background

Disney plus has a lot of content that most people never knew existed, for example, there are documentaries for Disneyland Orlando that are recorded by Walt Disney himself. Today Disneyland has become a place that most people dream of and if you book a Disneyland Orlando tour, you will be able to see all the places that Walt Disney himself showed you in his documentary.

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