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Planning a vacation can often bring out the miser in us. When you work hard the entire year, you want to make sure you splash cash the right way.

Head over to Orlando; home to some of the most iconic amusement parks in the world. The good thing about this city’s theme parks is that each one has something unique to offer. Plus if you’ve got a private VIP tour booked for one of these trips, rest assured you’re going to be maximizing your time at the parks.

Now you might have noticed that some parks just don’t work for you but the rest of your family members can be having the time of their lives.

If you’re looking to spend your summer vacations at an Orlando theme park that everybody can enjoy, we’ve got a savvy age-based list for you and your family.


  • Magic Kingdom:Works perfectly for kids within the 1 to 4 age bracket. Here, they’ll get to meet their favorite Disney characters—which by the way, are real to them.
  • Animal Kingom:If there’s anything close to meeting Peter Pan in the flesh (cough), it’s being up close with the animals. Kids not only get to enjoy feeding elephants but they also get to learn about different animal species.

Elementary aged kids

  • Seaworld Orlando: children’s fascination with animals doesn’t really have an end. At Seaworld, they’ll get to see many aquatic animals that they’re only learning how to pronounce.
  • LEGOLAND Florida:From roller coasters to exciting water parks, LEGOLAND is a great place for children to spend a fun-filled day. Plus, they get to enjoy a lego overhaul at the end of their trip.


  • Universal Studios Florida: the ideal place for a digital immersion, universal studios will make every new teenager a very happy human. Visual simulation based rides are an attractive option for those who are following movie franchises like the Harry Potter and
  • Toy Story series.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Packed with adventurous rides, teens will love the interactive and competitive games based off their favorite movies.


  • Epcot: a heaven for all shopaholics and those seeking a break from the traditional rollercoaster packed amusement parks.
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure: Featuring the biggest and baddest rides from the city of Orlando, adults will love The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman rollercoaster.

Senior persons

  • Seaworld Orlando:there’s something about this park that works for both the young and old. Seniors who don’t want to spend too much time walking can enjoy an aerial view of the city with the Sky Tower.

Now what if we told you that you can enjoy every single park on this list, hassle-free? It’s true! With Five Star Tours, you don’t have to spend hours waiting in a queue for your turn.

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