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Tours are a unique way to experience the magic of Disney.

That said, Christmas Season is the most supernatural time to experience Disney World. There are 2 different Xmas Disney World tours to sign up for that’ll take you behind the scenes.

One is the Disney Yuletide tour. And the other is the Disney Holiday D-lights. They’re unique, and both will help you gain a fresh appreciation for all that goes into Disney Magic.


The Details.

Seafood-Lovers-Dont-Miss-This-Culinary-Festival The Disney Yuletide tour lasts about 3 hours. During that time, you are guided through hotels and theme parks for some sightseeing you might otherwise miss.

But the best visits are at the storage warehouse, where you get to view the remarkable storage for the big mission of Yuletide Xmas decoration. And for that pleasure, a theme park admission is not needed!


How to Book a Tour.

Disney Rides To schedule a trip in advance, you can call 407-WDW-TOUR. A debit/credit card will be needed for payment at the time of booking. If you have an Annual Pass, Disney Visa, Cast Member, or are a DVC member, you can get a big discount.

Bear in mind that if you register for a Disney Yuletide Tour, you will not be permitted to take images in backstage areas (places that are not open to the public). Regardless, there are some opportunities along the way where images can be taken. There, you’ll be given assistance on how you can download them.

In this tour, you’ll learn about how Disney prepares for the holiday season. You will also be allowed to visit the headquarters for Disney Floral & Gifts, where you can view Cast Members as they work to make memories. You can view some of the finished products, which might inspire in you some ideas for finishes on your own holiday.

Another vital part of Disney’s Yuletide Fantasy takes place at Disney Spring. This is both tasty and fun. You will head to Amorette Patisserie where you will learn to make celebration treats. You will then learn to make a holiday-themed treat of your own.

The full tour lasts about 3 and a half hours. The first official trip starts on 19 November, and it will be held on pick days to 29 December. The cost is $139 per person, and all visitors need to be 12+. Every person will get a unique keepsake when their trip is over.


Holiday D-Lights tour.

The Holiday D-lights is a six-hour tour that begins with a Yummy BBQ at the famous Whispering Canyon Cafe, placed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

From there, you will get to go backstage at 2 Walt Disney World parks (the Magic Kingdom and Epcot) to view how Disney makes it longstanding customs. You’ll meet the lightning brains behind the remarkable lights of the Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. Plus, you’ll get to witness the famous Candlelight Processional narrated by a big range of celebrity guests!


Time to Plan Your Holiday.

You should plan your visit months in advance.

After all, no one wants to show up at an important event at the last minute. That’s too much stress for the average vacationer.

To avoid that, seek a private tour guide. You can get assistance through myfivestartour – which provides affordable VIP services to Disney visitors.

Check out the website, and learn more!

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