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One of the major things that every person must visit during their vacation is the ocean or lakes if they have one. Any major body of water works as long as you are about the experience it close hand.

One exciting way to see the body of water and its inhabitants is to go on an airboat tour. An airboat tour is a perfect way to move through large bodies of water without harming any plant or animal life. So if you want to get up close and personal with some of the inhabitants of a body of water, we can help you.

We are Five Star Orlando VIP Tours and we are now providing airboat tours in our vacation packages so without any further delays, let us learn about airboats and the things that you know before getting on one.

Airboat Tours

We believe in providing you the best possible experience on your vacation, that’s why we have teamed up with sprit of the swamp to bring you 3 different packages of tours that you can choose from.

What to Wear In One

What to Wear In One?

Airboats are quite similar to a boat, the only thing that is different from an ordinary boat is that airboats don’t have propellers that are inside the water. Airboats have large fans on the deck of the boats that guide and propel them to their destinations.

Since a lot is going on where you are going to sit, it is highly recommended that you don’t wear anything loose or liable to fly off at high speeds. Things like scarfs, hats, or any other loose clothing or jewelry should be completely avoided.

It is also a recommendation for you to wear long-sleeve clothes. Not only that they will protect you from sunburns, but full sleeve clothes are also going to help you stay away from bugs.

What Are You Going To Encounter?

The airboat tour that we organize are off the everglades, and it is filled with a different kind of life all around. Here you are going to encounter alligators and crocodiles, various types of fish, and several types of insects.

Another thing you are going to discover about the everglades is that it is full of vegetation’s and you are going to see different types of plants that you may have never seen before. All around, the airboat tour is an amazingly simple way to discover a place that is as pristine as any other place you might have gone to.

Airboat Tour

Can You Take Photos?

Well, of course, you can, we provide tours so that you can make memories on your vacation and what better way to capture a memory than to take an image of the place. But since it is a fast-moving vehicle, it is better to don’t capture images while the airboat is moving.

Five Star Orlando VIP Tours

We are Five Star Orlando VIP Tours and we are here to provide you the best vacation possible and to aid in that we have added airboat tours to make your vacations even more exciting.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do we experience minimal wait times?

Answer: Our Private VIP Assistants know the layout of the attractions and the system in place as if they created it themselves! This coupled with our Private VIP Assistants' insider knowledge (i.e. “secret sauce”) gives us the confidence in ensuring our clients minimal wait times.

Question: Do you only offer Theme Park experiences?

Answer: Absolutely not the case, we have an undeniable love and passion for theme parks, but specialized in all Central Florida, from Airboat Tours, to Air Ballon Tours, to Helicopter Tours. Not to mention, we offer Luxury Transportation services. We have it all covered for our VIP clients.

Question: How many people can be in a group?

Answer: We can accommodate up to (8) people per Private VIP Assistants, including children. If you wish to have more than eight, we can add an additional VIP Guide.

Question: Are handicap VIP Assistants used to skip the lines?

Answer: Never! Five Star has a “zero tolerance” policy in regards to improper representation of any disability or disability pass.