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Stepping into Disney World is like taking a step back from reality and into a world of imagination and dreams.

Disney World keeps evolving, adding more parks and features in what is already an extensive theme park featuring attractions based on all your favorite Disney characters.


The newest addition to the world of Disney is no different! Toy Story Land, based in Hollywood Studios, which opened its gates to the masses for the first time on June 30th, 2018, has quickly become a fan favorite because of the amount of detail and the immersive experience it provides to everyone visiting it.

But what exactly does this land promise? Let’s find out!

The Theme

As you step inside the park, you quickly realize that you are no longer a human, but an ‘honorary toy’ in this land of toys! The entire theme revolves around the idea that every visitor is shrunken down to toy size and is one with the characters of the movie as they explore Andy’s backyard.

From massive footprints on the ground, arches made out of Uno cards, to larger than life treasure chests, game boxes and Scrabble boards, Toy Story Land is just a humongous land filled with all manners of toys!

The Rides

Toy Story Land mainly consists of three rides spread over an expanse of 11 acres. Seat yourself between the coils of Slinky Dog and zoom through a Hot Wheels race car track and building blocks to hold it up in the Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster. The best part? It’s equal parts thrilling and mild, which means people of all ages can enjoy it—and no, there are no loops or vertical drops anywhere to be found.

The second ride, Alien Swirling Saucers will take you on an interstellar journey with the squeaky toy aliens, The Little Green Men. Set to some groovy, otherworldly tunes, this ride catapults you into a claw machine as the aliens plot their escape.

The third ride is a 4D attraction centered around traditional carnival games and set in what is Andy’s room—complete with larger than life furniture and game boards scattered around the room. The ride features five different shooting games.

The Food

Like the rest of Toy Story Land, the eatery also falls completely in line with the rest of the theme. Designed to make it look like Andy’s gigantic lunch box has tipped over and is spilling its contents out, eating at Woody’s Lunch Box truly makes you feel like one of the toys!

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