All the things you need to know about the disney world tours backstage magic
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We have been wondering how some attractions work, or may also want to get an insight into how Disney creates magic behind the scenes. Whether it is your first-timer or an expert in Walt Disney World, there is everything for everyone on the unique Backstage Magic Tour.

The tour is excellent for those seeking to get a closer look at the artistry, technology, engineering, and the backstage secrets behind the magic of the Walt Disney World. In this article, you will get all the detail you need to know about the Disney World tour backstage magic.

The Basics

The Adventures usually run the Backstage Magic tour by Disney. It is one of the best experiences that involve the visitors going to Backstage and getting a view of what is involved in creating the magic. It only costs 272 dollars per individual. The costs consist of a table service lunch and bottled water.

Children are not given any discount because the guests are required to be twelve and above. The maximum amount of time for the tour is seven hours, and it usually involves a lot of standing in which the guests need to be prepared.

The positive thing about the tour is that it will accommodate ECVs and wheelchairs. This is the main reason that ensures you need to state that you have a mobility device when making the reservation. You cannot take any photos in the Backstage as there is a strict policy that will enable you not to take them. The tour is in English only.

Children under the age of 18 are supposed to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, restrictions have been made and limited the number of guests going to the Backstage.

One of a kind experience

You will get an incredible view of the wizardly and hard work going through Backstage and see how the magic is brought to life. The journey will be more exciting with the legendary magic of the Walt Disney World Resort. We have our guides who will take you through the in-depth knowledge, facts that are little known, and an excellent tour as they take you around on a 7-hour journey. We will also give you a special commemorative gift.



You will explore the American Adventure’s in-depth working as we tell you all the details on the artistry and engineering behind this incredible Audio animatronics show.

Magic Kingdom Park

In this area, you will familiarise yourself with the story that began with Walt himself on the main street going through the utilidor tunnels, a network of the underground passageways built under in the theme park to enable the Disney Cast Members and the delivery vehicles to move undetected.

Creative costuming

You will be able to see the experts that design the costumes for performers.

Central shops

You will get a closer look at the artisans that makes a dream come true around the park, from the smallest details to the bigger stages.

Other things you will enjoy is the Tiffins restaurant and the Behind the scenes at the Rivers of light.

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