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Ever since it was announced that a brand new Star Wars themed attraction will be debuting at Disneyland in summer 2019, the entire fandom has been waiting eagerly to learn more about it.

While there’re still a few months to go before you can actually experience the place for yourself, here are some things about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge you need to know beforehand.

It’s the Biggest Land in the Park

According to statements released by Disney officials, the new land will be spread across 14 acres, making it the park’s largest single themed region till date. Located in Frontierland, its construction resulted in demolishing the horse stables near that area and shifting the horses elsewhere.  Other former attractions from the Big Thunder establishment were also closed down to make room for new ones, including the petting zoo, the barbecue house, and the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.

It’s Set in Black Spire Outpost

When you enter this Star Wars land, you’ll be entering the planet Batuu. On this planet, you’ll be visiting the village Black Spire Outpost, supposed to be a meeting point for traders, smugglers, and adventurers as portrayed in the saga.

Everything and everyone present in this village, from the water fountains to the employees themselves, is meant to echo the details that make Star Wars what it is. From the unique merchandise in one of the space-styled exhibits, to the exotic food and the collection of light sabers in Batuu’s street markets, you’ll feel as if you really have been transported to another galaxy!

It’ll Serve Alcoholic Drinks

Speaking of exotic food; Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has another thrilling offering for adult visitors. Oga’s Cantina will be the first restaurant to offer alcoholic drinks in Disneyland. These beverages will range from wine, space-themed cocktails, and propriety craft beers. That’s not all, though! There will also be plenty of other creatively named non-alcoholic beverages available such as the infamous “blue milkshake” that Luke Skywalker had.

It Features Two Main Rides

At Batuu, you’ll get a chance to fly the Millennium Falcon spacecraft through the hyperspace. In its other ride “Battle Escape,” you’ll get to board the “Star Destroyer” inside the hangar bay. This is where you’ll be part of the battle between the First Order and the resistance.

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