Are Disney VIP Tours Worth It
myfivestartours Apr 12, 2021 Blog 0

When taking a trip to Disney world, a person usually wants to get the most out of the experience. Visiting the Disney world is usually fun especially if you are visiting with your family and friends. Children, even adults love the sight of this place, and this is why it is important that a person strives to make such a day a success. Waiting in the long queue is not something that anyone wants to put up with, and this is why the Disney VIP tours are worth it.

When you are having a private tour, you enjoy twice as much as someone without a private ticket. This is evident in different scenarios. First, as discussed above, you will not be frustrated from standing in the queue for long hours waiting to get to your favorite spot. This allows you to have so much fun and maximize all the free time that you have with your friends and family. Since you may only have one off day together with your nieces, nephews and friends, this is the time that you should be enjoying every single minute that you have.

In addition to that, VIP tour package comes with added advantages. For people who may want to spend more than one day, there is an option to book the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. The services that a person gets during his or her stay in this lodge, inclusive of the driver’s fee is usually included in the VIP tour. This makes adventuring the Disney world a worthwhile event. If you are not familiar with the place then a tour guide is assigned to you, to help you explore the area well, and the good news is that, this is part of the package of the VIP tour.

Consequently, with COVID-19 affecting the whole world, people are advised not to stay in crowded places as someone may easily contract the disease. This is dangerous for people who still queue in the line while at Disney world. Having a VIP tour is safe since an individual will only be in contact with a few people. And in case of infection, everyone can be traced for treatment. Therefore, this is another reason why the Disney VIP tours are worth the hassle.

Lastly, with Disney VIP tours, you are also able to get the best park experience. For instance, if you are visiting the Space Mountain, you will realize that there is always a long queue where people can wait up to two hours straight, but with Disney VIP tour, you can start your adventure in less than ten minutes. This makes the park experience worthwhile.

In summary, getting a Disney VIP tour is worth it in that you have a different experience, with ease of access to Disney world and an amazing experience when staying more than a day in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Therefore, visiting the Disney world is a lifetime experience, especially if you can have a VIP tour to help you escape the long queues.

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