Disney VIP Tours: Los Angeles
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Los Angeles California, officially known as the city of Los Angeles or just L.A. home to the world-renowned Hollywood studios. L.A is a vibrant and multicultural environment for people of different ethnic diversity.

The city of L.A is known for its Mediterranean climate which means that the weather is always nice there. L.A lies in a basin that is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Covering an area of 469 square miles, the city offers a wide range of natural landscapes all in one go, L.A has mountains as high as ten thousand feet, natural parks, a 70-mile coastline, and even a desert. There is something for everyone.

L.A is home to around 4 million people of different ethnic backgrounds and their diversity is what you can see throughout L.A. The city has a very diverse economy and conducts business in a wide range of fields.


Attractions of Los Angeles

The city has so much to offer that a person cannot physically see everything in one day. From Griffith Observatory to Griffith Park, Walt Disney concert hall and most importantly Disneyland, there is so much to see in L.A.

Disney VIP tours offer tours for the city of L.A. when you book a vacation with us, we ask for your preferences and our staff plans a vacation that is personalized to your likings. Whether you like the city experience or you are the type of person that loves nature. Disney VIP tours will cater your vacation to your preferences and likings, only showing you the attractions that you will truly enjoy.

The city of L.A is home to world-famous Hollywood Studios and Disneyland theme parks, not only these but there are multiple museums such as Peterson automotive museum, battleship USS Iowa Museum among others.

If you are a shopaholic and want to experience the shopping adventure of the city of Los Angeles, there are multiple shopping centers such as Beverly Center, Macy’s plaza, Santa Monica place, third street promenade and many more for you to visit and fulfill your shopping cravings.

There is also a beautiful beach on the coast of Los Angeles. In short, there is no shortage of places to see and experience in Los Angeles. But therein lies the problem with so much to see there are going to be some time constraints you are going have to follow and getting a taxi in Los Angeles is not exactly an easy task. That’s where Disney tours play a very important hand, we can help you stay on schedule.


Our Services

Disney VIP tours offer you the best experience you can ever have. Our services include private transport to take you to every place you want to go and explore, plus we offer you tour guides that are going to help you navigate this massive city and convey to you all the history of the most important locations in the city. Our tours also include accommodations in the most luxurious resorts in the city. We offer the culinary experience of the city as well because our tours also include multiple meals in a day that are specifically chosen according to your needs.

Book a tour with us and have an experience of a lifetime.

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