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Looking for a way to enjoy a family gathering (beyond a Disney VIP tour)? If so, a Disney themed family game night might be what you need!

Below, we’ll mention the best Disney games to try on a family game night. Check each one out, and start planning!


Monopoly: Disney Animation Edition.

Disney animation has made a collector’s edition of the Monopoly game. From Peter Pan and Pinocchio to Frozen and the Little Mermaid, players can reminisce lovely Disney stories and magical characters.

In this edition, players move around the Disney-themed gameboard, building houses and hotels, buying vehicles, Disney Movies, Magical Objects, and making new Disney family memories.


Disney Apples to Apples.

It’s a game of goofy comparisons. Your family can experience the prize-winning fun of Apples to Apples as they never have before, all with Disney magic and some amazing new twists.


Disney Cranium.

Disney Cranium features all the Disney classics as well as fresh favorites (Big Hero Six and Frozen). Plus, it’s a recently licensed Family Cranium game where family and friends can laugh together as they test their knowledge of the family-friendly and fun world of Disney.


Disney Clue.

This classic game has 2 Disney versions, Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion. Gather clues to find out just which personality, well done it!


Disney Princess Candy Land.

This game is amazing for those with pretty princesses. Just like the real Candy Land, make your way down the sweet candy path. This time, though, it is with your beloved Disney princesses. Be the first one to the ball to win.



The Disney theme park edition of Scrabble is quite old, but with a Disney twist. You can get a bonus for Disney words. It’s excellent for the full family, but it’s especially amazing for those with young ones that are just learning to spell!



There are some remarkable Disney puzzles out there. There are some with a few pieces, while others have 100s. Some show movie scenes or characters, while others show the Disney Parks.

Some are for kids while others are for those old enough to Space ride Mountain. Regardless of what puzzle style you have, they all make a remarkable addition to family night.


Pictopia Trivia Game.

Kids can discover good-humored trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from TV and films to theme parks. This is a game of teamwork with a competitive twist. Along the way are predict-my-answer questions that show how much children know about the other player.


World of Disney Eye.

Join Mickey Mouse and friends on an amazing race through twelve exquisitely illustrated Disney realms, from Alice’s Wonderland and Radiator Spring to Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood and Peter Pans Never Land.

All throughout the race, every person searches for Iconic Disney objects and gets an opportunity to say, “I found it!


Games Aside – How About a Real World Tour?

Board games are fun. But what’s more fun is an environment of your favorite Disney icons.

That is, we think you should plan a Disney World trip. Mark a week on your calendar, and take your family on an amazing holiday!

To get started, go ahead and contact myfivestartour. This is a private touring service that’ll assist you in planning an unforgettable holiday.

Check out their site now, and let the fun begin!

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