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Your bestie and you are finally getting some downtime and hitting the West coast for the summer. But you’re not sure where you want to head to. Well, no trip to Cali is complete without going to Disneyland Anaheim. Pamper yourselves and book a private VIP tour of Disney, stay at the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, indulge in the best snacks and have the time of your life.

1) Disneyland

We’ll not recommend Disneyland when California is brought up. It’s only the happiest place on earth! And what better place to go with your BFF and relive childhood memories, take a trip down memory lane and share the pure joy of being there? Plus, so many cute photos!


Hollywood, California

2) Hollywood

Who better to walk around Hollywood celeb-spotting and seeing sets and sites from your favorite T.V. shows and films than the person who’s probably watched it all with you? Imagine seeing your childhood T.V. crush strolling around or signing autographs and taking selfies with adoring fans such as yourself? Yeah, we can barely contain our excitement either!

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3) All of Los Angeles

L.A. is pretty much one of the most incredible cities you’ll ever see. There’s more to it than just Hollywood, which is only one neighborhood. This sprawling city is a sight for sore eyes that are tired of concrete jungles and skyscrapers.

Gorgeous beaches, tall palm trees, and wide boulevards and not to mention all the best parties! You can hit the clubs, or just dine out and hang around town. Something or the other will keep happening.


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4) Yosemite Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yosemite National Park is one of the most stunning natural granite formations you could hope to see. The 2000 ft. high Yosemite Falls are a major highlight when you’re there. You don’t want to miss out seeing all that nature has to offer alongside the magnificent infrastructure in the state of California.


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5) Lake Tahoe

Are you adventure junkies? Or maybe you’re just bored of the hum-drum lazy city life and searching for that adrenaline boost to feel alive again. Either way, Lake Tahoe is an amazing spot for you to hit if you want to ski, hike or go mountain biking. It sounds thrilling and definitely worth crossing off your bucket lists. Plus, who doesn’t want to see snow in California?

There’s so much to do in this incredibly vast state; plenty of opportunities for tourism, no matter who you’re with. Call us today at Five Star Private VIP Tours and get that much needed BFF time.

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