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Orlando Florida is rich in entertainment, culture and about everything else you can imagine. Between the brilliant climate, friendly locals and oodles to do, it’s no wonder that Orlando is a particularly popular tourist destination.

We’ve written this blog especially for those of you visiting for the first time as being a big place; Orlando might be tricky to navigate for first time visitors.


Tips for First Time Visitors

Being an experienced tour services company, we figured we’d help you navigate Orlando Florida a little as a first-time visitor. Here are a few pointers and suggestions you might find helpful!

Book Early

Most frequent travelers know that booking plane tickets early can be extremely advantageous. We’re not talking about plane tickets here though. You might already know that Orlando is home to a number of theme parks and tourist attractions.

Many of these require day passes and tickets for entry. Booking early allows you to avail early bird discounts and safe a fair bit. You also avoid potentially not getting tickets when you want them if it’s something like an Opera for instance.

I-Drive is Worth Checking Out

For those looking to go the tourist’s way, I-Drive is where it’s at. On a single stretch, you can find everything from bars to places to stay. What’s even better is that it’s quite central and offers a public shuttle service to different parks in the vicinity. Even if you’re more the sort to look into VIP accommodation, do take out some time to stroll down I-Drive.

Disney Tours VIP Chicago - The First Timer’s Guide to Visiting Orlando
A family enjoys the lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Oahu, Hawaii.


Nature, Beaches and Restaurants

When it comes to beaches, Cocoa Beach is a little over 30 minutes from Orlando. We’re talking stretches of sparkling coast peppered with locals and tourists alike. Alternatively, you can visit one of the nature parks in the area.

An interesting place to check out by way of dining is restaurant row. This is basically as the name states; a row of restaurants!

Winding Down

The information here is just a little on how you can go about navigating Orlando Florida. If, however you feel that you want a little more structure on your first time visit and could do with a private VIP tour service, that is something you can also opt for.

A private VIP tour service will ensure you check all your bucket list boxes, make the best of theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios and save you loads by way of time, letting you see and do more!

Either way, if you come to Orlando Florida, we guarantee, it’ll be an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime and one you might want to have over and over again!

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