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Disney World is so much more than a dream land for kids! It’s a magical place that knows no bounds when it comes to age. Kids, adults, and senior folks can all find something they’ll love.

And Epcot is one of the places in Disney World where you’ll find adventure in every corner, no matter what your age is!

Your Disney trip is incomplete if you don’t visit the four legendary theme parks—Epcot being one of them!

Make sure to visit these attractions on your trip to Disney World’s Epcot:

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the giant dome Epcot is recognized through. The best time to visit is in the morning when the lines are shorter and there’s barely any wait time.

One of the best things about this attraction is that it’ll walk you through how communication has changed throughout the centuries.

It’ll take you back in time when cavemen and cavewomen existed. You’ll learn everything about the world and how much it has changed/evolved. The narrator will guide you through everything—from prehistoric times to communication during industrialization.

The ride is about 15 minutes long and a great way to start your day at Epcot!

Picture2 2 - The Top Attractions You Cannot Miss at Epcot!

One of the best rides at Epcot is the Test track by Chevrolet. It’s one of the fastest rides at Disney World, running at 65 miles per hour.

The main feature of the ride is that you’ll have to design your own track car, so bring your creative hat along!

Once you’ve designed your car, you get to test it against sharp turns, speed bumps, and obstacles. You’ll be graded for four things: driving, maneuvering, fuel efficiency, and power.

It’s indeed a fun way to test your driving skills and make the most of your holiday!

Fly Through the California Sky!

If you’ve always wanted to fly, here’s your chance. The Soarin’ ride at Epcot offers an incredible adventure.

You’ll be transported through magnificent clouds and lifted 40 feet in the air. The ride uses IMAX projection to make it seem like you’ve been transported into the clouds. You’ll explore all of California and get a glimpse of its breathtaking views. It’s so surreal; you’ll go into a daze!

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