Catastrophe Canyon Disney World
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If you are a person who loves archeological attractions, you should be going for a tour in the Catastrophe Canyon Disney World. This is among the most prominent attractions that you can find within the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This attraction was opened back in 1989 and has been able to maintain a strong reputation since then.

What Can You Get With The Studio Backlot Tour?

As soon as the Studio Backlot Tour was opened, the most prominent attraction was the Backstage Studio tour. This was a two hour tour, which received a lot of positive attention. Guests who took part in this tour boarded from a tram, which was located at the Star Wars Launch Bay. Then they were taken to a demonstration at the Catastrophe Canyon. The other half of this tour was more of a walking tour. The guests were provided the chance to experience special effect demonstrations. On the other hand, you will notice how guests will be provided the opportunity to take part in numerous other special effects demonstrations as well.

The last highlight of Studio Backlot Tour is the Catastrophe Canyon. In here, guests will be provided the opportunity to experience outstanding special effects display. The special effects display is associated with failing power lines, simulated earthquake, and fire effects. Then you can find interesting additional water effects as well.

Studio Backlot Tour Is Something That You Will Never Forget

Studio Backlot Tour is a tour that you should think about going on at least for one time in your life. That’s because you will never forget the wonderful experience offered out of it. There are some massive changes taken place on the Studio Backlot Tour during the recent past. For example, when you are entering into the Star Wars Launch Bay, you will be able to see a large opening, which is located at the rear of the structure. This was the original entrance point to the tour. The remaining belongs to the Magic of Disney Attraction.

As you go ahead, you will be able to see old mining equipment that is located near the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool as well. This area was re-purposed by Catastrophe Canyon at a later stage.

Go Ahead And Book Your Tour Now

As you can see, Studio Backlot Tour and Catastrophe Canyon is a great experience that you can enjoy as a part of these outstanding Disney tours. Therefore, you should think about getting that experience for at least one time in your life. You will also enjoy the process of discovering relics as well as tributes to the memories and magic that came up along with the parks. If you can book Disney VIP tours, you will get the opportunity to go ahead with this tour and enjoy all the fascinating moments offered along with it. We can highly recommend to all adults who visit the Disneyland.

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