Taking A Pet To A Disney Theme Park

ADMIN Nov 12, 2018 Disney 0

Worried who’ll watch your beloved pet back home while you go to Disneyland? Worry no more! You can now bring your faithful companion along to the theme park and have them ‘checked-in’ at a pet facility!

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Top 5 Attractions in Orlando, Florida

ADMIN Jul 26, 2018 Universal Studios, Disney 0

As you know, Orlando is home to several thrilling attractions. With amusement parks that literally go on for miles, Orlando, Florida attractions are on the top of every person’s bucket list. If you’re on the hunt for Orlando tourist attractions, look no further. Five Star VIP has you covered! POPULAR PAGE: Disney VIP Tours Universal Studios Universal […]

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Toy Story Land Debut

ADMIN May 02, 2018 Disney 0

To infinity … and beyond! The grand opening of Toy Story Land in Orlando is finally approaching, slowly but surely, and June 30 is just around the corner. One of the most successful Disney franchises of all time, producing $373.5 million in just the first film, Toy Story has a hardcore and dedicated fanbase. If […]

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