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It’s funny how Disney holds value in everyone’s lives, regardless of their age. People across generations have fond memories and experiences associated with all things Disney.

You’d think that a Disney World tour was the perfect treat for your kids, but there’s a lot for you to do too! Even if you don’t have kids and want a fun place to visit with your partner or friends—basically other adults—there’s a lot to do!

Disney World is huge and there’s a lot of places onsite that have now begun to serve alcohol since the change in policy. Not just that, there’s also an abundance of things that grownups can have fun doing.

If you’re visiting with a group of adults, or tired after your tour of Disney World and want to relax after spending time with the kids, these are the perfect options for things to do:

1) Places to Drink at Disney World

The park now allows alcohol to be served in certain areas, so a few restaurants; bars and pubs  now have permission to serve. Of course, in true Disney spirit, a lot of them are themed. Some of the best bars for you to check out are:

  • AbracadaBar
  • Rose and Crown
  • La Cava del Tequila
  • The Edison
  • Nomad Lounge

2) Nightlife

Disney Springs is where the party is at! Though there’s plenty to do for people of all ages, this area of the park offers a lot of grown up entertainment. You can go shopping from the many stores onsite, or visit the House of Blues and Raglan Irish Pub which will give you themed and fun experiences.

Apart from that you can also party with the real grownups from the Disney universe: the villains! Party goers are encouraged to come in costume (dress code compliant of course) and enjoy themed snacks, music and the entirely unique new side to Magic Kingdom. You can read more about Disney Villains After Hours here.

In fact, while you’re at Disney Springs, you can also enjoy the actual fireworks display at Disney World. It’s the best of both worlds–since it’s a small world after all.

3) Shows!

There are some incredible shows to watch and enjoy at Disney world throughout the day on your Disney tour–with parades, performances and so much more. Some of them are just breathtaking! Though not exclusively for adults, these shows are great entertainment for us older folks. It’s a mind-blowing display of talent and skill and you’d miss out on if you didn’t see them. You can catch these late-night shows across all four parks, just be sure to get your tickets.

So pack your bags and head off to Disney World no matter what your age! Give us a call and book your Disney World tour with us!

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