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We believe that voice assistance is the future. To understand why we believe this, we need to look at the history of technology and how it has evolved to where we are now.

You’ll come to realize that we’ve come a long way and we soon we’ll be able to manage our day-to-day tasks and actions through voice assistants like Amazon echo.

In this post, we’ll go to explore the recent news about the merger of Amazon echo to Disney voice assistance.

Big Brands

Amazon and Disney both have a lot of money and they can use it to make their voice assistant better than the other.

Since they both want to make people want to buy their product they will make their product the best in the market and make it look really attractive.

They both have different styles. Disney has a lot of different characters and their products are for children. Amazon doesn’t have any characters but they have things for adults. They are both really big companies and they both have a lot of money so they will make their product the best it can be.

Cross Marketing

According to the analysis of the market, the voice assistant market is going to be a huge market in the coming years as it is going to be a trend in the future.

That’s why many big brands are trying to get a spot in this market. The partnership between Amazon and Disney is a good example of this trend.

Recently, Amazon and Disney have been working together to develop a voice assistant based on a Disney-styled voice theme. The voice assistant will use the technology of Alexa to offer a great experience to the users. It will also provide a huge platform for Amazon and Disney to make a good marketing strategy.

Started In Disney World

Amazon’s Alexa and Disney company has now combined to create a voice assistant. The voice assistant will help visitors to buy and book their tickets and also provide them with information about the rides and restaurants.

The voice assistant is currently being tested by visitors to Disney World.

Coming Up In 2022

Amazon and Disney announced that they will be bringing their custom voice assistant to Echo devices in 2022. The two companies made the announcement to the surprise of the audience and multiple news outlets. The custom Disney-themed voice assistant will be a great addition to the Echo lineup and will bring in a lot of new customers.

Not only will the Disney and Amazon custom voice assistant make Echo devices more attractive to families, but it will also give Amazon an edge over Google and Apple.

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