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As the world’s most famous and magical theme park, visiting Disney is quite fun not only or kids but adults too.

If you want to plan a good trip to Disney, you should prepare some useful things before the trip, for example: how to customize your trip to Disney and how to deal with the crowds and so on.

An important aspect of visiting Disney is the famous annual pass logo.

In this post, we’ll talk about the recent news that the Disney has changed the annual pass logo.

Why The Change?

Businesses are always seeking ways to improve their financial outlook, and that often comes with changing designs.

Many businesses have kept their look the same for years, even decades, but change is good. Even if your business is new, you want to have a professional first impression on your visitors.

A design doesn’t have to change drastically to have a huge impact on the perception of the businesses. If the design of a business is old, dated, or unattractive, it can be a huge turnoff for new customers. There are many different ways to keep your design fresh without losing the identity of your company.

And that’s why Disney decided to change the new annual pass logo to something new and catchy.

Which One Is Better

Walt Disney World Resort has just revealed its new annual passholder logo. With Disney’s constant changes, some fans get upset when the Company tinkers with the annual passholder logo, which is used on merchandise, annual passholder cards and other items.

The old logo was actually one of the best in the industry. The new logo is not that bad at all. You can tell that Disney put some thinking in it. It is not that bad in comparison with the previous logo but most people preferred the older ones atleast that’s what the sentiment analysis says.

Flat (2021) Vs Pattern (2020)

A new logo design of the Disney annual pass is released in the year 2021. The new logo of Disney annual pass is flat color. And the old one is the pattern formatted.

Disney annual pass is an awesome pass that can be purchased either online or at the gate. It allows visitors to have access to certain places where normal visitors will not have a privilege of.

So the new logo design will not only be on the new card, but also on the website. Besides, the new logo design of Disney annual pass has a lot of differences with the old one.

The new logo is flat color. And the old logo is the pattern format. The new logo is simpler, and contains more textual space. The old logo pass contained fewer words on it. The new logo has a squared D shape. However, the old logo is a circular one. The new logo is more vibrant.

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