Disney Build Your Own Lightsaber
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Ever since Disney opened its first theme park in 1955, they have been making rides and experiences that have allowed the visitors to experience what it is like to be in the world of the movies. One such experience is from the world of star wars where you experience building your own lightsaber.

This experience lets you go deep into the world of star wars and lets you experience the life of a Jedi when they built their first Lightsaber. So what does this experience consist of and how much does it costs, let’s find that out together.

How Does It Start?

The show starts when you pay for the experience. This is a quite popular experience so you might have to reserve your seats beforehand. Once you have paid for the experience you are now ready to build your own lightsaber.

You head into the Savi’s workshop in the black Spire outpost, where a group of gatherers lets you into a small and hidden workshop that is filled with different artifacts from all over the world. Here you will meet a head gatherer that will guide you through the process of making your own lightsaber.

Choosing the Crystal

The guidance continues and the head gatherer is going to ask you to choose a kyber crystal. If you don’t know what a kyber crystal is, let me tell you. A kyber crystal is a piece of stone that is responsible for making the lightsabers. It is the most crucial component of the lightsaber. Once you have selected your kyber crystal you are now set to build the rest of your lightsaber.

Building the Lightsaber

Once you have selected the kyber crystal, now depending on the color of your crystal. You will be provided a set of parts that are going to join together to form the lightsaber. If you don’t know what you are doing, there are going to be gatherers that are going to show you what to do.

First, you have to insert the kyber crystal into the body of the crystal and after that add all the other pieces to complete your build.

There will be a choice of parts that you can pick from. You have to choose your own style and build it.

Once done the gathers are going to set your lightsabers for their first-time startup.

The Light-Up

Once all the building is done the gatherer is going to guide you to start your lightsaber for the first time. And then conclude the experience.

Price of the Experience

The cost of this experience is $199 plus tax, in which you will get to take home the lightsaber you made in addition to a carrying case to store your lightsaber.

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