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The first area in Disney World to be transformed into a Christmas wonderland is Magic Kingdom. When switching from Disney After Hours Boo Bash to Disney Very Merriest After Hours, Magic Kingdom transforms from creepy to festive almost instantly. Between November 1 and the first Christmas after-hours event, expect Magic Kingdom decorations to debut. Early in November, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom get a sprinkle of seasonal décor, and by mid-November, they’re generally fully adorned. You can time this and go with Disney VIP tours

Where to find the best Disney Christmas Decorations? 

Epcot is usually the latest park to be fully decorated for Christmas, as the Epcot Festival of the Holidays doesn’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving, or the day following depending on the year.

The majority of the Christmas decorations at Disney World resorts are up around mid-November, although some of the ornate gingerbread houses aren’t completed until closer to Thanksgiving.

The Christmas Tree Stroll in Disney Springs is also spectacular, with several wonderful Disney-themed Christmas trees. The dates for the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll in 2021 have yet to be published, but I expect it to take place from mid-November to early January.

The Christmas decorations at Disney World are up until the New Year, but not much beyond that. For example, when we arrived at Yacht Club on January 3, we were welcomed by beautiful nautical-themed Christmas decor. The following morning, all of the Christmas decorations had vanished.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Disney World During The Holiday Season?

The greatest time to visit for the holidays is a few days after Thanksgiving to approximately a week before Christmas. The Disney World Christmas crowds are light, but the holiday season is in full swing. The first week of December, in particular, is a wonderful blend of festive events, manageable crowds, and beautiful weather, making it our favorite time to visit.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you won’t be able to visit. If you don’t mind missing the Epcot Festival of the Holidays, mid-November is a nice time to visit Disney World for a Christmas holiday. Because Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration begins on October 1, 2021, expect crowds to be heavier than usual, especially during our favorite Disney World Christmas weeks.

Where Can I Find Christmas Decorations at Disney World?

The quick answer is that Christmas decorations at Disney World are everywhere. At Disney World resorts, theme parks, and Disney Springs, there are uniquely themed Christmas trees, wreaths, flowers, and other decorations. Cast workers from Disney World set up a whopping 1500 Christmas trees across the resort.

Christmas Decorations and Activities At The Magic Kingdom

During Disney World Christmas, a life-sized toy soldier in a brilliant red outfit and towering cap may be found at the Magic Kingdom center.

Magic Kingdom holiday experiences are frequently used to depict Disney World Christmas. The enchantment of a Disney World Christmas begins the moment you reach Main Street, U.S.A., which is decked up in holiday decorations and has a 60-foot (18-m) Christmas tree filled with 6000 lights and 1800 ornaments.

Wreaths, bows, and other festive Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations may be found inside each exhibit window and along Main Street U.S.A. One of the nicest things about visiting Disney World during the Christmas season, in my opinion, is the typical Americana Christmas decor of Main Street at Magic Kingdom.

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