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Disney has become a center of attraction ever since they started to make animated movies back then. Nowadays Disney has been making movies in every genre in the known and the unknown field of movie-making. Today Disney has been making movies of all kind and they also have all sorts of business in the entertainment industry. Disney has become such a strong influence in the entertainment industry that most people can’t even comprehend the extent of the empire that Disney has created for themselves.

Today Disney has become such a strong influence on its fan base that many people try to monitor the workings of Disney to find the next big thing that Disney is working on at the moment. If you are a diehard fan of Disney then you will probably like the next few rumors that we have gathered here for you. So without any further ado let’s get started.


Disney New Galaxy’s Edge

If you are a fan of the star wars saga then you have to visit Disneyland this year and experience the park’s new ride called galaxy’s edge. The ride is based on the infamous star wars that we all know and love. The rumors of the ride suggest that the most innovative technologies that have never been seen in this industry before. The ride is opening in 2020 and the ride is anticipated to be the most amazing ride of the decade.


Disney Epcot

If you visit the Epcot theme park today you will see that the major half of the park is behind walls and major construction is being taken place. The plans are that the spaceship earth portion of the theme park is being completely reimagined and a complete overhaul is underway. The work that is currently being done on the theme park is said to be the largest construction the park has seen to date and we can assume it is going to last a long time. Along with the redesign, there have been rumors that suggest that many new entries like Remy’s ratatouille and guardian of the galaxy themed rides are also going to be included among the new entries at the Epcot Park.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If we compare the changes that are underway at other different parks in Disneyland, the changes are looking to be not that extreme. But animal kingdom is rumored to be getting a new resort that has a built-in chair lift. The animal kingdom is also rumored to have new shows including a show that is inspired by the Disney animation and their storytelling.


Your Thoughts

Well, major changes are being done in Disneyland Orlando and you need to get yourself there for a VIP tour as soon as possible. If you visit now you will be able to visit all your favorite loved rides and show as long as they are still there. Once they are gone and replaced with far better rides, you can go at that time as well and be amazed all over again.

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