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Visiting the park may sometime be stressful especially if you have to wait in the queue for long. This is what makes everyone to want to skip the queue, and imagine everyone skipping the queue and you remain there, standing and being patient for when you will get a chance to get inside the park. Having a FastPass allows you to skip the line, and to make a selection of the places that you want to visit while at the park. If you plan to get this entry, you need to apply it in advance so that you can get it in time. This is because everyone is rushing to get a FastPass, so that they can have an experience of a lifetime without having to wait for long.

Is it possible to get an extra FastPass?

Some people may want to get an extra FastPass for their family or friends. The good news is that it is possible to get an extra FastPass. This is available after every guest has been allocated their three FastPass. They can then each grab one at a time for any Walt Disney World park until the closing time, or until all the passes have been reserved. To make these additional reservations, you have to do them in person at the park kiosks. However, with COVID-19 affecting the normal operations in the park, it is important that you make an inquiry first before going to the park physically. This is because you may find that everything has changed and things are no longer operating like they used to before the pandemic.

The best time to book a FastPass

Well, the answer to this is that it depends with your schedule. Since the park allows for reservations to be made up to 180 days in advance, chances are high that you may already have some other things in your schedule that you want to work on. However, the best and the advisable time to book your FastPass is around mid-morning. This is the time when you can have a few rides before many people start coming to the park and flooding all over. In addition to that, when you book your FastPass at this time, you also have enough time to book multiple one-at-a-time FastPasses.

The Rides to take at each Park?

After getting a FastPass, you may be wondering which rides to take in the two kingdoms. In the Magic Kingdom, you can take the seven dwarfs mine train and Peter Pan’s flight. These are the most demanding rides in this park, and with a FastPasss, you will be able to have the ride of a lifetime and an experience worth recording. In the Animal Kingdom, you may want to consider taking the Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River journey. The world of Avatar attractions is one of the best places that are in demand across all of the Walt Disney World. Therefore, to effectively use your FastPass, you can consider going to any of the above places of your choice and have a wonderful experience.

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