Disney VIP Tours during COVID
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COVID-19 has made many people to stop going to their favorite places, and to meet with their friends and relatives because of the fear of being infected. Disney world is one of the places that many people like visiting during their free time. However, this has been different since COVID-19. This is because people can no longer stand close to each other for safety purposes, and there are precautions that Disney has taken to ensure that its visitors are safe. Some of the safety measures that Disney has taken to ensure that its guests are safe from getting COVID-19 are as follows.

Advanced Reservations

Before COVID-19, people could make their reservations in person at the park. This was a lot easier for many people to handle since it involves a few steps. Since COVID-19, tickets are now being booked online. This has been easy for people who are familiar with using the computer, but has been a challenge for people who have no computer skills. This has been a huge advantage to many people since they no longer need to queue in the long lines to get their ticket. This has eliminated gathering together and overcrowding the park by visitors. In turn, people have been safe from getting the virus through online reservations.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the ways through which the rate of infections can be reduced. The major concern with Disney World crowd is that people will gather closely, in turn increasing the likelihood of the disease spreading from one person to the other. This is why social distancing has been enforced at attraction sites, restaurants and other locations where people could possibly gather together. For people who may get accrued away in the moment, there will be cast members around to remind them that they need to keep their distance.

Temperature Check

Extremely high temperatures is one of the signs of COVID-19. To ensure that no one has fever that is out of control, the park is conducting temperature checks before anyone is allowed inside. The device that is used to take the temperature is a no-touch device. This means that you will not be in contact with the person taking your temperature. This is both for your protection and that of the person who has been assigned to take your temperature. Therefore, it is also important that before you head to the park with your friends or family, check your temperature to ensure that no one in your group is above 100.7 degrees.

Advanced Cleaning

Different people have been in the park, and touched different surfaces. Advanced cleaning has been provided in the park in that everything that visitors can touch is wiped clean and sanitized, before and after visiting the park.

In summary, COVID-19 has been of a great disadvantage to Disney World for various reasons. For instance, the park used to have many guests but because of COVID-19, the number of guests who enter the park is limited. This is because of the attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. Therefore, these safety measures are important for both the visitors and the tour guides.

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