Disney Vs Netflix: The Fight for the Best Streaming Service
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Just as you got used to the monthly subscription charges of Netflix there comes another competitor in the market. Disney has announced that by late 2019 they are going to launch a service naming Disney Plus.

These days we have a lot of streaming services and platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon prime, Hulu and many others. The need for on-demand content has never been higher.

Disney gave a hint that they will be launching a streaming service in late 2019, it will be called Disney plus and judging by the hype it will most certainly come with a bang.



Netflix and Disney plus are both on-demand content streaming service for watching shows and films. But in this market only one company dominates all others, the company being Netflix. If you are a newcomer in the market Netflix is the company to beat. But it is no small task because Netflix has an estimate of 140 million users worldwide and they have a library that is unmatched in its class.

However, there is a new competitor in the market. Since Netflix contains many of the shows that Disney is producing and licensing to Netflix. There is a possibility that Disney will remove its content from other streaming services to promote their own, and considering the fact that Disney has a lot of titles to its name, it can cause a problem for Netflix.

Also, Disney owns Hulu and ESPN the two of the most highly rated channel and streaming services after Netflix, it creates tremendous advantages in the development of Disney plus.


Price and Availability

To start for sure Disney plus will have a lower price if compared with Netflix. But we also have to consider the fact that Disney will have quite fewer titles to start then Netflix has, which is over 6000 titles in total.

Disney can also leverage its other pre-owned platforms like ESPN plus and HULU for a group offer so that 3 services come together, the price decreases and the percentage of content increases for the user.


Features and User Interface

We have very little to go on aside from a screenshot Disney shared, which shows that it is not like Netflix where the titles are categorized in genres, rather the Disney plus screenshot shows us that there will be buttons for channels like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic and a cluster of content beneath it.

But we can’t be sure of anything since there is a lot of time remaining in the release and things can change. We expect some kind of algorithm from Disney that suggests our content based on our likings. But from the screenshot, it looks like we will have a production type of layout instead of the type which Netflix provides, which is divided into genres.


Final Verdict

There is a lot of time left in the release of Disney plus and we cannot judge it right now. Saying that we also think that Disney’s streaming service will have a lot of good content considering the array of subsidiary they own.

It is too early to decide what streaming service is the best and whether you should subscribe to Disney plus or just stick to Netflix. The choice is really up to you, which one you prefer?

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