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No matter what age you’re at, you’re never too old for Disney World! While a trip to Disney is definitely a magical experience, knowing what to wear to the theme park can become a fashion conundrum.

Should you go all out and sport Mickey Mouse ears with your finest polka-dot dress? But you also need to be comfortable enough to take a ride through Jungle Cruise and wait around for a while in lines.

But this doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing the standard jeans and t-shirt combo (no good vacation pictures!). Expressing your own personal fashion style while visiting Disney World is possible!

When it comes to planning for this fashion challenge, you need to keep the weather in mind. Here are a few tips to help you out.

What to Wear in Spring Season

Springtime is actually perfect to visit Disney World. The weather isn’t sweltering, but mild warm with a fresh breeze. The parks aren’t as crowded as they usually are. There’s also the Flower and Garden Festival going on which is always fun. A floral dress would be the perfect outfit choice for this season. It would be perfectly comfortable to wear for long periods of time and it will be easier to walk in. Just throw on a light jacket at nighttime for the fireworks.

What to Wear in Summer Season

Disney World in the summer is crowded, hot, and humid. But it’s also the season you’re more likely to be visiting the theme park. To fully enjoy your experience, you need to pack smart. Make sure to wear light, breezy, flowy materials to your Disney wardrobe. Leave your polyester shirts and Daisy Dukes at home. Opt for cotton and other fabrics that dry quicker. Since you’ll probably splash around in the water parks to cool off, don’t forget your swimsuit!

What to Wear in Fall Season

Maneuvering your Disney fall wardrobe can be tricky. The weather can fluctuate quickly and you can also expect frequent rain showers. Remember to bring along a pair of leggings, some jeans and shirts, a light cardigan or a jacket, and scarves.

What to Wear in Winter Season

Disney World in winter can get really cold, especially at night. While you don’t need a parka or an insulated jacket, you should bring along a coat, some sweaters, gloves, and perhaps a hat. A lot of people don’t expect the place to get so cold in the winters and then they are unpleasantly surprised. So make sure to pack your winter essentials.


Expect to do a lot of walking on your Disney trip. And we mean a lot. Opt for broken in sneakers that are comfy and easy to walk in. Thick-soled shoes would be an added advantage. You don’t necessarily have to wear your running shoes, casual sneakers would do.

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