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Walt Disney World, the innocent and remarkable landmark of our childhoods, is in fact, full of myths. Disney’s myths range from hysterically funny, to outrageous, to just plain crazy. We hate to break it to you, but Disney’s secrets don’t have much truth to them. Read on for the inside scoop on debunking common myths about Walt Disney World.


Disney Cast Members can disassemble and fold down Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom.

CinderellaCastle9HD 1024x716 - Walt Disney World: Debunking Common MythsEvery year from June until the end of November, hurricane season taunts the state of Florida. All of these years, everyone has wondered how Cinderella’s Castle stays protected from the violent storms. Somewhere along the road, Disney fans concluded that the infamous Castle must fold down into disassembled pieces.

In actuality, Cinderella’s Castle was built to properly withstand hurricane force winds. The castle was constructed permanently, not modularly, so disassembly wouldn’t be possible even if they wanted to!

“Kurt Russell” was Walt Disney’s famous last words.

Sadly, this is completely false. Walt did write Kurt’s name on a piece of paper he had in his office. While considering russell for another Disney production, he wrote down his name, spelt K-I-R-T. So while his last words were not “Kurt Russell’” they were one of the last things he wrote. This is a much less amusing story, but it’s the truth.

Walt Disney is buried under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

When Walt passed away in 1966, he was cremated, and his ashes were laid at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Although his ashes being scattered in Disney World – which opened five years later – would have been much more fitting.

Johnny Depp frequently dresses up as Jack Sparrow and makes appearances in Adventureland.

Legoland California VIP Tours Pirate Shores - Walt Disney World: Debunking Common MythsAfter the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa were added to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, rumors arose that Depp himself would visit the park in disguise as Sparrow. As much as we want this to be true, it’s just a myth. However, Johnny Depp did surprise fans at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride in April 2017 dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow!

Disney World never closes its gates.

Disney is certainly open 365 days a year, but it’s not true that the gates never close. If a hurricane is approaching, the park closes for safety reasons. Plus, Disney isn’t open 24 hours a day, although we wish it was. During Extra Magic Hours, one amusement park a day will stay open for a couple extra hours. But, Disney definitely closes.

You’re not allowed to chew gum at Disney.

It’s true that none of the stores in Disney sell gum, to prevent “gum vandalization.” However, it is not true that you can’t chew gum at all! As long as you have your own pack of gum on you, feel free to chew it. The Disney cleaning crew keeps the park spotless, but that doesn’t mean you should toss gum or trash on the floor. Afterall, when have you ever seen Disney look dirty?


Want to know something that is true at Disney World? You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but there are underground tunnels at Disney. There really are! Located underneath Magic Kingdom and Epcot, these tunnels called “Utilidors” are used for business among discreet deliveries, costuming and for cast members and maintenance to travel hidden from guests.

These common myths have been circulating for years, it was time to debunk them. For your next magical adventure to Walt Disney World, book a VIP tour with us!


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