Disney’s Blizzard Beach: A Waterpark That Looks like a Ski Resort
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The story of Disney’s blizzard beach is an old one the storytellers at Disney tells the tale of an unusual snowstorm that hit Florida in the ’90s where one of the most unique ski resorts were built. When the snow finally melted and the temperatures of Florida finally returned to normal, the ski resort transformed into a one of a kind wonderland called Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.


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What Does Disney’s Blizzard Beach Hold for You?

A water park inspired by a ski resort, so you can imagine it has something for everyone. Let’s take a look at what Disney’s Blizzard Beach has to offer for you.



Every ski resort is incomplete without a chairlift and the blizzard beach is no different. This chairlift takes you a trip to the mountains that are the perfect spot for three of the most famous rides in blizzard beach. B going on the chairlift you are in the position to ride the summit plummet, a 120-foot long waterslide. But if you are not up to the summit plummet there is also slush gusher, a 90-foot long waterslide, or if you are a family man you can also take the teamboat springs, a whitewater raft designed for a family of six.

Once you get down from the mount gushmore unleash your inner competitive side on the downhill double dipper with a 50 foot enclosed water slide is all that stands between you and your victory. And if you prefer a longer race than the snow stormers are the perfect way to do it, race down a 350-foot slide while riding on a toboggan-style mat.

After the thrilling rides when you want to slow down take a tour in the lazy river, a 3000-foot long arctic adventure. Or relax in the melt-away bay, 1-acre wave pool creating short waves which are perfect for leisurely floating or swim up to the waterfall for a little bit more excitement.

There are more than 12 different types of rides you and your family can enjoy, it doesn’t matter if you are a daredevil or a laid back guy there is something for everyone here.


After a day of fun and adventure, there is nothing better to do then to have a nice meal with your friends and family. Luckily Disney’s Blizzard Beach has more than 9 different types of dining to satisfy your every craving. Have a nice black cherry lemonade at the arctic expeditions counter or satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolate-dipped Key lime pie at the lottawatta lodge. There’s something for everyone.

So come on down to Disney’s blizzard beach and have the time of your life.

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