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Yes you should.

Disney isn’t just a company that makes cartoons and large theme parks. It also provides cruise services!

And those cruises aren’t designed for children. They’re made mainly for adults that need a cartoonish getaway!


Vancouver – A Prime Option.

vancouver canada sea

Disney offers cruises through many international routes. Some go to Europe, others to Asia.

But the best are in North America.

They’re closer to home. Plus, you get a Disney vacation, without much of the trouble from long overseas travel.

In fact, for a summer vacation – we recommend a Disney Vancouver cruiser. And here’s what you gain from it…


A Cool Environment.

Vancouver doesn’t have a tropical or desert climate – unlike many of “Disney’s theme parks.”

You see, Disney’s largest parks are in California and Florida, two of America’s hottest states.

They’re high-heat and sunny environments. And this adds a small touch of discomfort to a Disneyland (or Disney World) tour.


You Don’t Get That on Vancouver Cruises.

Temperatures rarely shoot over 80F there. And that’s during daytime!

At night, you get even cooler temperatures. And this amazing, especially when you combine the marine weather you get on a cruise.

On a Disney cruise trip, temperatures are cool. And this helps you enjoy the service and attractions a little more!

Plus, Disney’s cruises aren’t just restricted to moving through water. Once you do get to the destination (Vancouver), there’s much to see!


Disney – Organizing Vancouver Tours.

While Vancouver is a metropolitan city, some parts of it are filled with lush greenery.

Why? It’s because Vancouver is a city that likes to keep and take care of large parks. And this is perfect for a Disney World tour.

Because what is a Disney visit if you’re stuck in boring urbanity?

The lush greenery is a chance to feel like you’re in a fairytale world. It adds spice to the theme of your cruise!



Did we mention that Vancouver is a coastal city? You should’ve realized that, since it is a cruise stop.

What that means is, you can enjoy beach time. You can head off to the sands, and enjoy the relaxing waters of Vancouver.

After all, maybe you’re looking for more to explore than a few parks. Maybe an aquatic environment is what you want to stick too.

Vancouver offers you that variance. You can enjoy parks, a good beach, and amazing blue oceans!


One More Thing.

Before heading off on a cruise, planning is required.

You need the guidance of experts that can put structure into your tour. Thus, we recommend consulting travel guides for help.



Think of the type of structure you need in a cruise.

You need to set a budget. You also need to fit your cruise into your schedule. And you need to know what to expect.

You’ll only get that guidance from Disney tour guides.

Here at Five Star Private VIP Tours, we can provide the advisory services you need. Contact us, and get started now!

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