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There is no doubt in our minds that weddings need to the most special day for the bride and the groom, and if someone is a die-hard fan of the avatar franchise than it is only fitting that there wedding should be conducted on Pandora.

Now since we cannot actually go on Pandora as of now, the closest thing we are going to get is the world of avatar Pandora themed wedding reception at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

So if you want to get married at one of the most beautiful wedding reception that is literally out of this world than this is the place to go. It is a part of Disney fairy tale weddings and if you book it early enough, you may be able to get married at Pandora.

So here are a few tips that you should look into if you are getting married at Pandora.

Use the Floating Mountains as the Backdrop to Your Weddings

One of the coolest things about Mo’ara was its floating mountains, and although we cannot technically have them here, Disney has done a pretty good job to imitate them here on earth. So if you are getting married here then make sure that you get the backdrop of those floating mountains. Not only is this going to elevate the look of your wedding reception. It will also provide for the perfect memorable pictures that you are going to cherish forever.

Consider Exotic Flowers

Another great thing about Mo’ara was their plants and flowers. So if you want the near-perfect and real experience than you should consider having exotic flowers at the wedding reception and the setting area.

Flowers like Spotted Knapweed or Calla Lily or Vanda Orchids are going to provide you with the near-perfect experience of being on Mo’ara.

Another thing that you can do is use flowers in a combination of backgrounds. It will keep the cost down while simultaneously providing you with near-perfect Mo’ara settings.

 Use Disney Resorts for Guests

One great benefit of having a wedding at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is that there are multiple resorts nearby of the wedding ceremony location, so you can comfortably invite your guest knowing that they won’t have any accommodation problems during your weddings.

Another great thing is that you can also use those resorts to host your wedding receptions. It is going to be the perfect wedding for you and your family.

As you may know that weddings tend to take a lot of time and energy for the bride and the groom, so if they want they could go to any one of the many resorts to freshen up and get back to the wedding in no time thanks to everything being nearby.

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