Disney’s The Black Hole: A Sci-Fi Classic from the 1970s That Is Still Praised To Date
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The 1970s was the time for the sci-fi craze that was caused by the stars wars franchise, so naturally, Disney also took the leap into the big-budget productions and produced the Blackhole. A sci-fi story revolving around a research vessel and its crew that find a missing ship commanded by a mysterious scientist, on the edge of a black hole.

Nominated for 2 Oscars and 6 other nominations, the movie met nothing but harsh reviews when it first aired in 1979, but the sci-fi production still endures to this day because the movie has survived all the formats from Betamax to Blu Ray. Also, Disney has been talking about a remake of the classic sci-fi movie for a very long time.


The Storyline

The story starts when the crew of U.S.S Palomino at the end of their deep-space mission discovers a Blackhole and a huge spaceship somehow defying the massive gravitational pull of the black hole. The ship is then identified as U.S.S Cygnus, a crowning achievement for deep space exploration designed to look like a Victorian mansion with thrusters. The Cygnus was declared MIA years back.

Since the Palomino’s crew member Kate McCrae’s father was the first officer of the Cygnus, so now it’s now not only a matter of protocol but there is also a moral incentive, the captain of the palomino captain Dan Holland gets down to investigate.

The palomino’s crew goes down to investigate to find that ship is abandoned until they reach the bridge of the ship where they find humanoid robots wearing medieval cloaks and commanded by a menacing robot with an array of sharp appendages. It’s only when the robot tries to make mince out of the palomino’s crew that the Cygnus sole surviving human appears.

Dr. Hans Reinhart the commander of the Cygnus. He tells the crew that the palomino’s crew that the ship was destroyed by a meteor shower, he alone remained aboard the ship while the rest of them went back to earth. He built the robots and fixed the ship and his mission now is to take the ship into the black hole and through the other side.

It is later discovered that Reinhart went mad years ago. Kate’s father led a mutiny to seize control of the ship but most were killed by Reinhart’s robots and rest were made into living dead and made to wear the medieval cloaks.

Now the palomino’s crew needs to find a way to flee from Reinhart before it’s too late.


The Future?

In November 2009, it was reported by Disney that they would make a live-action version of the classic movie. By April 2013 the writer who wrote the script for the Alien prequel and many other sci-fi movies was hired as a screenwriter. Unfortunately in 2016, the development of the movie was put on hold as the Disney considered the script too dark for Disney. But every cloud has a silver lining and it reveled in March 2018 that Emily Carmichael, the writer for Pacific Rim: Uprising and Jurassic World 3 would be writing the film.


This film considered a classic in many circles would be welcomed the entrance in the films we watch today and might do well in the long run just as its predecessor.

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