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Pirates of the Caribbean, a film franchise that has been going on since 2003. Over the years there have been 5 movies altogether in the franchise and there are rumors that there is going to be the sixth installment in the series as well.

As we don’t know as a fact that the sixth movie is going to be released let’s take a brief look into the plots the first five movies and maybe consider binge-watching again.

Potc: The Curse of the Black Perl

It is the first installment of the movie in which blacksmith will turner teams up with the pirate jack sparrow to save the love of his life. Jack sparrow agrees in the team up as the person that kidnapped will turners love is none other than jack’s first mate Hector Barbosa. Jack wants revenge because hector, left him stranded on an island and stole his ship along with 882 pieces of cursed Aztec gold.

Potc: Dead Man’s Chest

Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Company, arrest Will and Elizabeth for aiding jack sparrow. Will agrees to work for Cutler to find jack sparrows compass to find the dead man’s chest with the heart of Davy Jones, which will give him control of the seas. While jack wants the chest to escape an unpaid debt to Davy Jones which jack made to make him captain of the black Perl in exchange for him working on the flying Dutchmen for 100 years.

Potc: At Worlds End

The sea is now controlled by Lord Cutler Beckett with the help of the flying Dutchmen and plans to end piracy forever. Now will, Elizabeth, Barbosa, and the crew of the Black Perl set out to rescue jack sparrow from Davy Jones locker because as he is one of the nine pirate lord jack is needed to release an ancient goddess that can destroy Beckett’s forces.

Potc: On Stanger Tides

Captain jack sparrow is now on the hunt for the fountain of youth and crossed paths with a former lover. She wants the fountain of youth to save her father’s soul while jack wants the fountain of youth to save himself from the demise by the hands of the one-legged man. Captain Barbosa joins the fight as he is now a privateer in King Georges II’s navy. He is on a race against the Spanish to find the fountain of youth.

Potc: Dead Men Tell No Tales

In this movie, jack is chased by his old nemesis, Captain Armando Salazar. To evade him, jack is on the hunt for the Poseidon’s trident, which has the power to control the seas and break curses.

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