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Cali is where all the fun’s at. The Golden State is famous for its nightlife and parties, is home to the country’s A-listers, and is known as the hottest tourist destination in America, bringing in people from around the country and the world.

Whether you’re in Cali for the weekend or you’re a local looking to know your state more, Five Star Private VIP Tours has the best packages and guided tours for you and your friends. You won’t regret taking the opportunity to experience everything this beautiful place has to offer.

With our VIP city tours, you’ll see the city like never before. We love L.A. and can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking for fun, sun, glamour, and of course, parties.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! L.A. has incredible sites and tourist spots to visit, including Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory and Park—these are all places our tours will take you to—and so much culture to soak in. It even has Disneyland Anaheim, which is only a thirty minute drive from L.A., so you might as well look into going all out and take a Disney tour while you’re here!

There’s so much that California offers, but here are some of our top picks for things to do if you’re looking to party it up this summer:

1) The Sunset Strip

Want to live a real West Hollywood story? The name of this location is so apt because after sunset, this is where everyone who’s anyone wants to be! From rooftop bars to glam grunge-rock clubs, you’ll never run out of options. It’s the ideal place to go bar-hopping if you’re in the mood to go wild.

2) Central L.A.

When you’re done touring the city with us, hit central L.A. with your squad because that’s where the hippest, most happening neighborhoods in the city are. Remember when we talked about the culture L.A. offers? The L.A. Philharmonic performs at the Walt Disney Concert Hall where you can catch one of their incredible live shows before you hit the club.

3) Hermosa Beach

Fun in the sun but fun after sunset, all in one? That’s what we’re talking about! This beach is known for its incredible nightlife and the gorgeous sandy beach itself. It’s a central location that’s close to the pier and so you have hotels, restaurants and shopping malls within short distances, making it the best place to hang around all day long—and through the night.

Take a Disneyland tour and travel around nearby cities for the trip of a lifetime!


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