Enjoying the Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour at Disneyland
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If you are a foodie who is visiting the Disneyland, you will be interested in taking part in a Disney food tour. That’s where Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour can help you. All the people who take part in this tour will be able to get hold of the best food and beverage experience that they can possibly imaging at the Magic Kingdom.

The Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour was initially introduced back in the year 2019 and it became a massive success. Even though the COVID social distancing restrictions halted the progression of the tour, we can see it offering the magical food and beverage experiences to the guests again. The Disney Food Tour will be catering to all the needs of the people who are into food and who love to spend their time with food.

Dates And Price Of The Taste Of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour

The Disney food tour is priced at $99 per person without taxes. However, this tour is not available on all dates. If you want to take part in the tour, you should be visiting the Magical Kingdom on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It is possible to make your reservations online and proceed with the tour.

Checking Into The Food Tour

There is a check-in desk for the food tour at the Tony’s Town Square. You will need to online reserve, go near this desk and check-in. However, it is better if you can go near this check-in desk around 15 minutes before the start time of the tour. That’s because you will have to go through the front porch area, which will take some time. The tour will start sharply at 9am in the morning.

Enjoying The Food Tour

The Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour will provide you the opportunity to experience a variety of foods and beverages. You will also be able to get a culinary experience from Disney’s Past. This is not an experience that you can receive anywhere else. You can also understand how the food served by Disneyland has evolved along with time as well.

There are guides who will deliver all the support and assistance that you need to proceed with the tour. All the food are made freshly for the guests. Hence, it is possible to get the best possible experiences with the freshest foods that you can enjoy. You can witness how the food is being prepared before they come to your table.

While you are enjoying food at the Taste of Magic Kingdom VIP Tour, you can learn more about the history associated with them. Some of the foods offered at the tour are offering unique experiences. There is something for everyone to enjoy among food and beverages. Therefore, any person will be able to take part in the tour along with loved family members and get the best experiences offered along with it.

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