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There are many differences actually, and they’re quite huge.

Most people look at the price tag. With an established tour company, you pay much more than with an amateur guide.

For that reason, many visitors seek amateur services. But that’s not something we recommend…


The Reality.

If you think professional VIP guides are expensive, then wait till you hire an amateur.

The problem with amateur services is that “they’re not guaranteed.” You don’t know the quality of service you’re getting.

You don’t have a clear idea of the mistakes they make, and how they add (or detract) from your experience.


An Accurate Evaluation Matters.

Plan Ahead for Expenses

In the touring industry, mistakes can cost clients hundreds (and even thousands of dollars). And when you’re seeking a VIP experience, you want to minimize mistakes as much as possible.

Even though our company is always looking for the best deals for our clients, cheaper is NOT better.

When it comes to touring, quality comes first.


Pricing Issues.

If our price is higher than another quote you have received, there is a reason for that.

With cheaper quotes, you are likely dealing with an individual (or a new company) trying to make a name for themselves. And as you all know, experience comes with a huge learning curve.

Thus, it is very likely that cheaper companies will not meet all your expectations.

For example, you might find yourself lacking fast passes for certain rides, waiting in long lines, or looking at a confusing itinerary.

Even worse, you might be dealing with an uncommunicative guide. You might struggle to reach them with questions before (and during) your vacation.


Is it Wise to Save Money on a Tour?

It is, but not at the cost of quality.

You can save money to enjoy more attractions, or to plan a more extensive vacation. But this shouldn’t come at the cost of discomfort.

Remember, a visit to Disney is a chance to relax and lose yourself in fun. So why give that up to save a few hundred dollars?


Precautionary Tip.

Disney Tours - Chicago - Illinois
Disney Tours – Chicago – Illinois

When seeking a VIP Tour guide, take your time to evaluate them.

Look for red flags. An obvious one would be an individual or company claiming a good reputation, while lacking reviews to support their claims.

When researching a guide, you need concrete evidence of their efficacy. You can’t use a guide that doesn’t understand the place they’re ushering you through.

So do note that it takes many years to be a good VIP Guide.

It takes even longer to become an amazing guide that can pivot throughout the day without missing a ride or attraction, all while ensuring minimal wait times.

With an amazing guide, any family can ensure the best experience for their planned day.


Let Five Star Private VIP Tours Help You.

Over the years, Five Star has been a leader in the Disney tour industry.

We set high standards on all our guides, ensuring you get the full benefits of a VIP service.

With us, you won’t risk your family’s vacation with amateurs that’ll struggle to optimize your experience.

You can get started now. Contact us for more information!

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