Animal Kingdom Elephant
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The Caring for Giants tour at Animal Kingdom is a 1-hour exploration offered at 10 different times throughout the day. It’s a cheap Disney World Tour, costing $30 per person, and is actually a fun experience for all.


All Proceeds go to the Disney Conversation Fund.

Animal Kingdom Elephant

Groups are small in size (about twelve guests at a time), so asking questions is a simple matter. But inquiries aside, it’s a chance to get an “up close” look at the elephants.

The group is led by animal experts who care for the herd at Animal Kingdom. Groups get a stunning look into their day-to-day responsibilities while receiving wonderful information and facts about the elephants.

An African cultural spokesperson shared stories of conservation efforts by Disney to preserve the wild animals in their country.  Throughout the tour, we were capable of getting a super close look at the elephants.


Cost of the Disney Elephant Tour.

The tour costs $30, with a 10% discount offered to Annual Passholders and DVC members. There is a two-day cancellation policy – so members might lose their deposit if they don’t cancel within 2 days of the tour.

When you book the Elephant Tour, you are asked to wear close-toed footwear. You’ll also need to bring a Photo ID, while arriving fifteen minutes prior to the trip departure.

The meet-up area is a booth just to the left of the stand-by entrance of the Kilimanjaro Safari. You will sign a waiver, and each member will be offered a name tag linked to a lanyard.

When it is time for the trip to start, your group will be escorted backstage. No photography is permitted in this area. Thus, if you are someone that does not like to view behind the scenes environments, then you might want to avoid this tour. On the other hand, if you want a sneak peek at some off stage places, this is an amazing chance.

However, note that you won’t view much, just some safari vehicles and a few other scenes. So while shocking for some, it can be a great thrill for others.


Caring for Giants Tour for Kids and Adults.

Elephants spend a lot of their time eating grass and hay. But because their digestive systems are not strong, their poop is packed with undigested hay. But it does have its uses, where the fibrous poop can be recycled to make paper, like the Caring for Giant nametag (which is 85% recycled elephant poop).

african safari

Kids actually love this experience, as do many adults. It’s a fun experience learning about these big giants, viewing them interact within the herd, and returning to the park for more thrill. And unlike longer tours, this one works for a 1-day visit to Animal Kingdom. After all, it just takes up about an hour and twenty minutes of your time, permitting plenty of time to explore the rest of the park.


Time to Plan Your Tour.

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