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Planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando? Not sure how to start planning? We have a solution—book a private VIP Tour with Five Star Private VIP Tours and leave all the planning to the experts so you can sit back and enjoy.

From transport to food and everything in between, here’s everything a VIP Tour Service can do to make sure you have the time of your life at Universal Studios.

Luxury Transportation

Why stand and hail taxis when you can be treated like a VIP and have luxury transportation services at your disposal?


You don’t have to wait until you reach the park for the magic to begin; we make sure to take you there safely and keep you away from all the hassles of traffic, parking and more importantly, you wouldn’t be at the risk of getting lost!

Expert Guides

Our tour guides are experts when it comes to Universal Studios. They know the park inside out! Designed by former Universal Studios employees, our tours are customized according to your preferences to ensure you have the most enjoyable time.

Our experts will make sure to let you the best spots in all the rides, the best times and places to eat at, as well as keep you entertained with insider facts about all the rides and attractions. By the end of the day, they make sure you’ve had the best possible experience.

Dining Options

Since our tour guides know everything there is to know about Universal Studios, they give the best advice to make sure you eat at all the popular places, which are sure to take your taste buds on a thrilling ride. They also let you know the best times to go to certain locations, to avoid waiting in lines and massive crowds.

Minimal Wait Times

With a VIP Tour Service, enjoy passing through the long queues like a true VIP. With only about five to ten minutes of waiting on average for each attraction, you would be able to enjoy so much more during the day with all the time you save waiting in lines. minimal wait times disney

Unlimited Professional Photography

Avoid having to pay big bucks to the photographers inside the park and enjoy getting unlimited shots captured throughout the trip with your Five Star Private VIP Tour. Take home your photos as souvenirs and make your memories last forever!

Best Seats in Live Shows

Be it a parade, fireworks or live shows, our VIP tour guides make sure you get there on the right times to catch all the action, with the best seats to make the most of it. With a VIP tour looking for you, you don’t need to worry about getting caught at the back and missing out on anything at all.

Book your Private Universal Studios VIP Tour!

Convinced yet? What are you waiting for then? Contact us and book your Universal Studios VIP Tour right away!

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